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Thug jailed after attack on terminally ill man

A PURFLEET MAN was jailed today at Basildon Magistrates Court (Thursday) for an assault on a terminally ill man that also left a wheelchair-bound man hurt.

John Hicks, 49, of Marine Court, Purfleet aka locally as “Tattoo John” pled guilty to the assault which occurred at 4.30pm on August 22nd in Orsett Road, Grays.

The court heard that Terry McCarthy was walking down the street accompanied by a wheelchair-user friend when Hicks approached them.

Hicks, a self-confessed alcoholic lashed out at Mr McCarthy. Hitting him about the head and body.

Mr McCarthy, who had recently been told he had terminal cancer, fell into the path of the man in the wheelchair.

A passer-by,who knew of Hicks, saw the attack and immediately intervened saying to Hicks’ “Are you mad?

The police were called and Hicks was arrested.

Hicks had been due to appear on September 29th but was found in a drunken state on the steps of the court.

In mitigation, Hicks lawyer, Mr McLellan said: “Mr Hicks has admitted his crime. He has described his alcoholism as a “wicked nightmare”.

“He does have a large number of convictions but only one for battery in 2007.”

Chair of magistrates, John Riley sentenced Hicks to ten weeks imprisonment.


  1. 10 weeks in prison, where he will only server probably 5, that is a joke, the magistrate needs sectioning for that.

    “Tattoo John” is a complete joke, he has even been thrown out of the job centre for being drunk, and to think all the tax payers are subsidisng his drinking, yes you could try him in rehab but that would more than likely be a complete waste of time, he needs to be locked up and placed away from the public until such time that he can control his drinking.

  2. Couldn’t agree more – this Tattooed ‘Johnny’ is a total pest – he never changes and makes life wherever he is a total nightmare. He is also a ‘know-it-all’ – one against the world – a world HE couldn’t survive in if we weren’t all available to provide a living for him. He constantly litters Morrison seating area – making it impossible for shoppers to enjoy a rest on the benches – when it was HE and his hangers on who were responsible for having the other Town Benches removed because of their unacceptable behaviour. He destroyes ALL reasonable Social Culture. I suspect he has never been given proper rehabilitation of any meanings – which could start with : withdrawal of Benefits and a warning to tell him : “you know it all? fine? stand on your own two feet then … ” He has been seen pestering shoppers for money – some are too scared to say no – so, he should ‘get done’ for that too. He plays the drunk but as this incident fully demonstrates – he can be a vicious thug when he doesn’t get his own way – which is why some are too scared to refuse his demands for money for his booze. Lazy-fair Law UK helps him to stay that way. Being always drunk helps him to worm out of personal responsibilibty : he can urinate where he wants too…… ad infinitum ….


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