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“We are not nimbys” claims residents in Butts Lane planning inquiry

ALL FOUR sides in the Butts Lane planning inquiry set out their arguments at the council chamber.

Over twenty residents turned out to see representatives of the developers, the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC), Thurrock Council and Residents against Inappropriate Development (Raid) speak.

The developers centred their argument upon the pressing need for delivery of homes in the area.

A spokesperson said: “Delivery is in crisis.

DC barrister, Paul Shadaverian echoed his call. He said: “The DC are content that very special circumstances do exist. The East of England Plan called for 13,548 homes between 2009 and 2021.

Both the council and the DC share common ground that there is a shortfall.

However the council shared a different view.

Their spokesperson said: “The problem of supply will not be solved by simply granting planning permission.

“The further granting of planning permission does not mean we will have more houses built.”

Speaking on behalf of Raid, Terry Piccolo made the residents position very clear.

He said: “We are not nimbys. We have worked with a number of planning applications in the borough. Indeed, we are, at this moment, working with a development on the Manorway.

“But you must also consider that the Planning Inspectorate has made a rod for its own back in Thurrock with the Howard Tenens decision.

“They offered to bring a lot of jobs in their Stifford Road area but the Inspectorate made their decision primarily on the basis of building on the green belt.

The inquiry continues.


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