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Ex-prostitute jailed over ticket scam

A WOMAN who conned almost £35,000 out of businessmen through a ticket scam has been jailed for nine months.

Denise Buckhholz, 51, claimed she wanted to “treat herself to the good things in life” after being mistreated as a prostitute in Germany, then squandered the money on useless items, including hundreds of bottles of washing up liquid, soap and sweets reports the Thurrock Gazette.

Through Tilbury-based Live Events UK, she lulled her victims into trusting her by offering legitimate low-value sports and music ticket deals. She then fleeced them of thousands of pounds by not providing tickets they had paid for.

Basildon Crown Court heard she launched her phony company, registered to Stanford House, in Princess Margaret Road, Tilbury, in 2009, on the pretence it ordered and delivered tickets to music festivals and sports matches.

In May 2009, Bradford-based ATM Corporate Events ordered 44 tickets to the Champions League Final football match in Rome through Live Events, costing £49,000.

They paid £24,000 and arranged to meet her at a hotel to hand over the tickets and pay the remaining money, but she didn’t turn up and they couldn’t contact her.

Another company, Capital Tickets, agreed to pay £20,000 for Champions League Final tickets in May 2009, and Buchholz visited its London offices to collect the initial £9,500 payment.

She left her passport as assurance and arranged to return with the tickets the following week, but fell out of contact.

Buckhholz, of South Norwood Hill, London, was arrested on May 24. She told police she moved to Germany to work in a bar in 2008, but the job never materialised and she fell into prostitution so she could live.

She grew resentful towards men, because of abuse she suffered and returned to the UK to launch the business as she thought she deserved a better quality of life.


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