Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Rugby festival: Success for under-tens in mini-fest

On Sunday Thurrock Rugby club hosted their Mini rugby festival which involved top teams from around London, Essex, Kent and East Sussex.

Thurrock’s group was a without question the most competitive and every game could have gone either way but the Thurrock lads fought hard and showed true Thurrock spirit.

Thurrock managed to go through to the final by most points scored in the group. The Final was against Heathfield from East Sussex who were a very well drilled team and at half time neither team had managed to cross the line due to some ferocious tackling from both sides.

The second half started with the same intensity but Thurrock were beginning to build the pressure on the East Sussex team and gradually worked their way up to their try line.

In the final seconds of the game the ball came out of a ruck on the Thurrock side and the quick thinking of Edward Suddell went into the corner to give the T’s the win. Well done lads.


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