Saturday, February 24, 2024

Runwood Homes: Every day is an inspection day

THIS IS A busy week around the borough for inspections. A number of organisations from across the sector have public officials reporting on the way they operate.

However, due to the recesssion and cuts in the public sector, a number of watchdogs have made announcements that they will not be conducting as many inspections. Sometimes down by as much as 70%!

Does this mean that organisations can take their eye off the ball/relax.

YT went to Whitecroft residential care home (part of the Runwood Homes group) on the Stanford Road to speak to the management about their form of self-inspection/self-evaluation.

Sometimes it must be the little things that make for an excellent organisation. YT turned up a little bit early (for once!). The cleaner opened the secure door, on finding out who we were, asked us to sign the book in the vestibule but closed the security door again until the authorised member of staff came to meet us.


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