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Karate Jo proves herself above her class

On Sunday 20th November, 16 year old Jo Kitson of South Ockendon, who trains at Seitou Ryu Karate club in the Royal British Legion on Faymore Gardens entered the Kaizen Cup Winter Finals in Dagenham for the squad’s last competition of the winter season.

Jo, a 6th Kyu green belt, won the gold medal and became Kaizen Cup Champion in the Girls 13-16yrs Intermediate Kata division. She was then offered the chance to compete in the Women’s Intermediate Kata division, where she would go against much older and more experienced competitors. She took the chance and ended up winning her second gold medal and Champion Cup of the day as well as winning a bronze medal in the women’s intermediate kumite division later that afternoon.

Jo wasn’t the only South Ockendon winner though, her fellow team mate, 15 year old Jade Green, a 1st Dan black belt also won a gold medal and Champion Cup for the 3rd year in a row in the girl’s 13-16 years black belt kata division, as well as winning a bronze medal in the girl’s 13-16 years black belt kumite and a silver medal in the open team kumite division.

Her coach and the chief instructor of Seitou Ryu, Sensei Richard Hang Hong, said ” I couldn’t be more proud of Jo for putting nerves behind her and entering the higher division. The fact that she then won is amazing. The whole team have done amazingly well this year, they have performed well consistently, winning a total of 113 medals between them. But more importantly they have grown in team spirit and their support of each other is phenomenal.”

Jo is one of 16 members of the Seitou Ryu squad, the other members and their results are:

§ Richard Hang Hong – Gold + Kaizen Cup Champion (Men’s Open Kata). Bronze (Men’s Open Kumite), Silver (Team Kata)
§ Samuel Parker (18yrs) from Tilbury – Silver (Team Kata & Team Kumite)
§ Jorden Saunders (13yrs) from Corringham – 2 x Silver (Girls’ 13-16yrs Intermediate Kata & Kumite), Bronze (Team Kumite)
§ Claire Foster (30yrs) from Grays – Bronze (Women’s Intermediate Kata), Silver (Women’s Intermediate Kumite)
§ Matthew Amos (12yrs) from South Ockendon – Silver (Boys Junior Kumite)
§ Andreas Mouton (7yrs) from South Ockendon – Bronze (Boys Junior Kata)
§ Dylan Aldridge (7yrs) from South Ockendon – Silver (Boys Junior Kata), Bronze (Boys Junior Kumite)
§ Martin Lawrence from Chelmsford – Silver (Team Kata & Team Kumite)
§ Felicity Duty from Billericay – Bronze (Girls’ 13-16yrs Brown belt Kumite)

§ They were joined by fellow team members Nathan Webb (9yrs) from South Ockendon, Tatum Mandy (12yrs) from Tilbury, Zoe Nolan from Wickford, and James Burberry and Adam Baglin from Chelmsford.

Classes in Seitou Ryu Karate run all year round across South Ockendon, Grays, Wickford and Chelmsford.

With over 200 members training throughout these areas, it is suitable for everyone from five years old upwards, with separate classes for all ages and abilities.

For more information about classes please contact Sensei Richard on 07899 827476 or visit the club website;


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