Sunday, September 25, 2022

First winter snap brings chaos on rails

The first cold snap of the year appears to have brought chaos for thurrock rail commuters, YT received dozens of tweets from frustrated passengers who were either on trains stuck on the rails or shivering on platforms as their trains were delayed. This not only affected C2C but also Network rail. All companys did there best to keep commuters updated.


  1. Hmmm, “All companies did their best to keep commuters updated” you were obviously not on the C2C train this morning then, yes the driver was giving some info but the tannoy was not loud enough to hear, staff at Grays never made one announcment, got turfed off at Barking and told to use the train on platform 8, that train was also terminated at Barking, had to find where the next train was myself as the staff were non existant.

    Whilst the train service is 95% perfect C2C customer service leaves a lot to be desired.


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