Friday, October 7, 2022

Another day, another drink driver walks free……..

PAUL Girling, 47, walked into the dock with his back pack. It looked like he had been advised that as this was the fourth time he had been in the dock for drinking and driving that he could reasonably expect a prison sentence.

Girling, Wellington Road, Tilbury pled guilty to driving as Ford Focus on Toronto Road, Tilbury on the 11th November, last year, whilst twice over the legal limit. He also pled guilty to driving whilst disqualified.

Instead of prison, he was given another ban of three years and four months at Basildon magistrates court.

On hearing that he would also be fined £150. Girling muttered under his breath: “F*** that”. As he left the dock, he was handed a court document by the court usher, which he duly scrunched into a ball.

The highest sentence that can be imposed is six months imprisonment.


  1. I really don’t get it. The fact that he has already been caught drink driving three times shows that he holds the law in contempt so should definitely go to prison. Not only that, he should get the maximum 6 months that the offence incurs plus a further 6 months for each of the previous offences on which he showed contempt. Plus, he should get a lifetime driving ban with a sentence of 5 years each time he gets caught flouting it. Why do we suffer fools like Girling?

  2. Am I supprised by this story?……no the magistrate who sat on the case is obviously so far withdrawn from the real world that they don’t give a flying fig about the laws of the land and those who canstantly break them.

    This happens all too often now and the justice system in the Uk is a laughing stock, even when we do place people in jail they are usualy molly coddled by the Huma Rights Bill and the European Courts Of Justice, it is high time that we scrap both of those and start running our own country again.


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