Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Two thirds of councillors “not interested” in Olympics

A COUNCIL committee has expressed its dismay after only 13 out of 49 councillors responded to their appeal regarding the 2012 Olympics.

The Cleaner, Greener and Safer Overview and Scrutiny Committee had been tasked with monitoring and supporting the council’s role and participation in the olympics.

The committee contacted every councillor and asked them what there concerns were over the games and possible opportunities as well as problems for Thurrock.

They received the following replies:

Cllr. Sue Macpherson: Homesteads- What will happen to the PCSO patrol in my war

Cllr. Mike Revell – Orsett: Having a large and open ward means that fly tip can be a real issue to me. Will I expect delays in environment’s response times to such issues? – Do we think there are any areas of Thurrock that are in danger of illegal traveller sites or even illegal traveller sites becoming unwieldy?

Cllr. James Halden – Homesteads: What events are being held in Thurrock? – Are we expecting trading standards ECT to have an issue with the illegal sales of alcohol or the illegal setting up of clubs and other such venues and what should we do if we become aware of this?

Cllr. Garry Hague – Chafford and North Stifford: What are our neighbours doing, in terms of events? Will this affect us?

Cllr. Danny Nicklen: Stanford East and Corringham town. Will anything be happening in ward i.e. the addiszone area?

Cllr. Amanda Arnold -Ockendon- : Are we expecting major road delays i.e. due to proximity of the crossing ECT. How can we deal with this?

Cllr. Mark Coxshall Corringham and Fobbing- : How will the lakeside park and ride be policed?

Cllr. Simon Wootton: Chafford and North Stifford- Do we have any power/responsibility in terms of policing the trains and train stations given the fact that issues with drunkenness ECT are likely?

Cllr. Joy Redsell – little Thurrock blackshots – : Is there a danger of unplanned events taking place i.e. a group just moving on to black shots field? How can we deal with this if it happens?

Cllr. Diana Hale- Stifford Clays- : Part of the A13 runs through my ward If there are traffic incidents traffic is fed onto both Stifford Clays Road or Lodge Lane which are totally unsuitable.

Cllr. Lynn Worrall – Tilbury St Chads- : Whilst not directly my ward I would like the promenade and area around Tilbury Fort to be considered. The actual promenade is owned by the docks but they often need ‘reminding’ to cut the grass. As an area of public interest I would expect it to attract visitors during the games.

Cllr. Angie Gaywood – Stifford Clays-: I can think of traffic congestion & pollution, litter, issues around policing? Theft etc… all ones which affect many wards in and around the A13

Cllr. Phil Smith – Stanford East and Corringham town – Not aware of any specific issues, but I would expect towns that have shows/events Etc will try and build on the Olympics.

Chair, cllr James Halden said: “It’s a shame that only 13 members responded thus we did not get the fullest picture of concern that we wanted.”


  1. Is it a big surprise? I would imagine that it fairly reflects the thoughts of the general public about the Olympics, not many people are enthused by it. Also, I am kind of getting cheesed off with people appearing on TV and Radio telling me to get involved and how wonderful it all is. I aint bothered!!!!

  2. The Olympics will go one of two ways:
    1. It will be an absolute shambles and an embarrasment to our nation.


    2. It will be a brilliant sporting success and a reflection of British patriotism.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people are placing their bets on the first one. I however am quite looking forward to it.

  3. Was anyone else disappointed in the negativity of most of the replies? The question asked for opportunities as well as concerns

  4. Me too Abbie!
    All the people I know are eagerly looking forward to this once in a lifetime event.
    Can’t wait for our Bunting kit to arrive!

  5. Abbie blogger -yes it could go either way, lets hope it is a success, it is a pity these politicians couldn’t care less. it is like an episode of the Walking Dead no life at all. it is all negative with these people. jmw118 you dont need a kit to do bunting, trust me it is not like building a leggo truck, but i agree everyone should be excited about this???

  6. i think gray64 has a point and unless there is a reason to get involved nobody will. only a few months way but unless you lived next to the olympic park who would know!!

  7. gary heart.
    My wife has made yards of bunting before for the Suffolk village we recently moved from.
    The idea of the bunting kit is to 1/ Help with the cost as the tape can be expensive unless you buy it in bulk wholesale, and
    2/ The template is so it all comes out the same size, so that it doesn’t look odd.
    3/ TC suggest the colours and material.

  8. The London Olympics will only really be a success is the legacy is maintained, if you look back at previous countries whilst the games themselves have been a fantastic attraction for the few weeks they are running, once over they have been a blight on the economy with stadia being left to rot.

    hopefully this will not happen here but there is always the chance it will, so far the ticket fiasco was a disgrace with people having to buy tickets for events that they did not even know that they may or may not get, now we have given the printing of the tickets to a USA firm.

    Local people and businesses have been chucked out of the local areas to make way for the new stadium etc, the majority of the work is by foreign companies rather than the local workforce, the new observation tower looks like a peice of unfinished scaffolding, lets hope the opening ceremony is something to be proud of.

    I really do hope that the games are a huge success and not some white elephant.

  9. jmw118 ok sounds like there is a rationale can anyone get this kit!! and who is TC? just as long as he/she dosent recommend pink!!

  10. Excuse me if I am wrong but wasn’t councillors Hague, Arnold, redsell, Revell and Macpherson part of the last conservative cabinet running Thurrock council ?. Surely the former leader and his deputy and their management team would not need to ask these simply contingency questions as they should have already been aware or was the rumour true that they didn’t do a thing except take their large pay packets ?.

  11. Colin barnes i am often impressed by the expert commentary from you. You are correct and it would seem that all these conservatives Hague, Arnold, Redsell, Revell and Macpherson did little as part of that cabinet. Cllr Redsell’s only contribution i seem to recall was putting on a English fete on Blackshots, Revell a rather pompous far right political activist would have been as comfortable in the BNP as in that Cabinet . Cllr Macpherson was Brutus waiting to stick it to Hague. Cllr Redsell does not really warrant a mention. However i do have to acknowledge that Cllr Arnold did make a difference in that group.


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