Saturday, September 24, 2022

Bulphan man found guilty in jewellery heist

A BULPHAN man has been found guilty of conspiracy to robbery following a raid at an Ipswich jewellery shop last year.

Danny O’Bryan, from Bulphan was today found guilty of the raid at Goldsmiths, in Tavern Street, on June 15 last year reports the East Anglian Daily Times.

He was found guilty along with several others.

During the trial, O’Bryan, 22, told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court he had been offered £500 by a man to hire a van and take some motor bikes to Ipswich.

He refused to name the man because he was scared for the safety of his family. O’Bryan said he had collected the bikes in London and was instructed to drive to a service station where he picked up his co-defendant Benjamin Murphy.

The group used a sledgehammer and an axe to break into the store and stole nearly £80,000 worth of watches in the raid.

Detective Sergeant Darren Bruce, who led the investigation into the robbery, said: “This was a violent robbery that was carefully planned and executed by the offenders. I’d like to thank all those witnesses, including the shop staff and members of the public who came forward to help us secure these convictions – their support and assistance certainly helped us in reaching this result.”


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