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Gearing up for May’s local elections

VOTERS will be able to go to the polls across Thurrock on Thursday,May 3rd this year for local elections only.

Later in 2012, on November 15, Thurrock will take part in the Police Crime Commissioner Elections for Essex.

May’s council elections are due in all but three of Thurrock’s 20 wards. The wards with no scheduled elections are Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park, Little Thurrock Rectory and Stifford Clays

Anyone considering standing as a candidate in this year’s council elections, should contact the Electoral Services office on 01375 652816. Nomination papers may be obtained by calling this number.

Voters are also being urged to check the polling station details on their polling card. A review of polling places was carried out last year and five polling stations have changed, meaning some people may be directed to different stations in their ward.

New polling stations will be in the Corringham and Fobbing (two new stations), Belhus, Chadwell St Mary and Chafford and North Stifford wards.

Details of all the borough’s polling stations are available on Thurrock Council’s website ( via the A to Z and following links from Electoral Services.

Polling cards – which do not have to be taken to the station unless you are an anonymous elector – will be delivered from 24 March onwards.

Other dates to note in the run up to the election include: Thursday, 18 April, last date to register for a postal vote (5pm) and last date to register to vote (midnight); and Thursday, 25 April, last date to apply for a proxy vote.

Postal vote packs will be sent out in the week starting Monday, 23 April.

On polling day itself, Thursday, 3 May, polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm. No ballot papers will be issued after this time.

Notes for Editors

Wards with an election on 3 May:

Aveley and Uplands


Chadwell St Mary

Chafford and North Stifford

Corringham and Fobbing

East Tilbury

Grays Riverside

Grays Thurrock

Little Thurrock Blackshots



South Chafford

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Stanford-le-Hope West

The Homesteads

Tilbury St Chad’s

West Thurrock and South Stifford


  1. Labour have launched their election campaign – have the Tories?

    What is their manifesto for Thurrock?

    What promises are they going to make to the residents of Thurrock?

    I hope Your Thurrock is able to interview all the candidates this year.

    I se these wards as the main battlegrounds:-

    Little Thurrock Blackshots should be interesting especially over the Woodview development and the hypocrisy of the two Tory Councillors. The LibDems are running an active campaign.

    Will Aveley be the usual battleground as the sitting Tory isn’t restanding – can anyone remember who she is? Rumours of one or two independans and UKIP campaigning.

    Homesteads could be interesting if the rumours that Sue MacPherson, who has done much to foster good council officer and councillor relations, has abandoned the ward and will be standing in Chafford instead. I can see a big push by Labour to take this seat.

    Has Danny Nicklen, who enjoys his wine and limousine rides abandoned Stanford East & Corringham Town and will Labour take this ward like they did last year? Plenty of Labour activity in the ward for months.

    Ockendon ward – again aparently the sitting Tory Amanda ‘only active when the kids are at school’ Arnold has abandoned the ward and is abandoning the borough – will we see Barry Johnson return? Labour have been very active in the ward.

    Conservatives should take back both Stanford West and Fobbing wards but could lose Stanford East, Homesteads and Ockendon and if there is a big backlash over Woodview and the hypocrisy of the two tory ward councillors they could lose Little Thurrock Blackshots as well.

    Will the Conservatives issue leaflets bashing travellers and imigrants as that’s what they usualy do when they think they are going to lose the seat – just look at the disgusting leaflet issued by Maureen Pearce in Aveley last year. Did the trick though!

  2. Dave i will be following your commentary on this closely some very insighful points. But i think we can be clear that with a conservative central government cutting everthing in sight and a local conservative party with no clear agenda, too far on the right and no committment to the local area. The only real choice is Labour. But they should not be over confident if the conservatives actually came up with a few good policies that reflected more community spirit and stopped moaning the race could become wide open.

  3. I would suggest the turn out for these elections will reflect the apathy which exists within the electorate at the moment,an average of around 28% would be my best estimate.Rather disappointed there is not an election in my ward I had a list of pertinent questions for the prospective candidates.

    Choice is limited if you are looking to vote this time both main parties are pretty much of a muchness no real Ideas other than to score petty points off each other.


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