Saturday, September 24, 2022

Man tasered after armed police surround Pullman Tavern

A MAN WAS TASERED by Essex Police last night (Wednesday) in Grays after he allegedly barricaded himself in a pub.

Police were called at just after 6pm last night to the Grays area after reports from the public that a man was acting erratically near to Grays railway station.

On police arrival, the man fled to the Pullman tavern public house nearby.

An Essex police spokesperson said: “Occupants left the pub assisted by local officers.

“Firearms officers attended at the scene.

“At 9pm, officers forced entry to the pub and the man was tasered.

“A 45-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested on suspicion of threats to kill and criminal damage.

“He remain in police custody.”

Police have remained at the scene and will resume their search of the premises this morning (Thursday).


  1. Hope all are ok.
    New College may not add much to the Town as expected. Take Southend for example. Little gain for Town shop keepers – students simply do not have funds. A year ago Southend was ranked with Margate for Shop closures. Campus has to go hand in hand with industry – sadly Thurrock has little local industry left. Not a new Cambridge. But something must be done. Good luck to Woodside campaigners. Thurrock College should be at Woodside. But where will the money come from for modernisation – catch 22? I would be interested to know more about the collapse of the Learning Skills Council – LSC (Thurrock University project sunk because of LSC financial incompetence)

  2. That’s a good point Vince. I suspect that many believe that the students will use the shops, which they will to some extent but those places will mainly be the takeaways and maybe WH Smiths for stationary. The college move comes down to money. If the government gave the college a grant to refurbish the present site then there would be no need to knock down the college and sell the land to developers. The reality is that the government probably cannot afford to do this hence the mess we are currently in.

  3. Grays is a sh*t hole how about the police do something about the piss heads hanging grays all day no wonder there’s so many lunatics round here nothing round here for the youth and shops are getting shut piss heads drinking there cans of cider and beer it will take a lot to improve grays


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