Thursday, October 6, 2022

Damp in East Tilbury flats: “These flats have to come down”

WHEN YT arrived at Coronation Avenue in East Tilbury it was around you looked up at most of the flats, there was clear evidence of condensation on most of the windows. That is not a scientific analysis but it was an indication of the problem that resident Toni Gray, Zoe Tyson and a host of other residents have been having.

Toni has been having with problems and especially with her three children who are constant visitors to the local surgery. They are not alone as there are a long line of children with health problems that may well be exacerbated by the damp conditions they are living in.

All the residents we spoke to have made contact and praised local independent councillor, Barry Palmer.

There health problems caused by mould echo what Belhus campaigner, Dee Lodge has been campaigning for, for some time now.


  1. A sad case, but what is always never shown in these cases are the conditions that make mould and damp in flats, the most prolific cause of damp in flats (due to their size) is unfortunately life styles i.e. damp wet washing being left inside the property with windows and doors shut, i have had experience of a tenant saying the same thing that this woman has said regarding their children suffering from asthma etc and when i said why don’t you use the washing lines provided out side they said they couldn’t be bothered, or lied and said we always do! yet when i done a spot visit there was wet washing on dryers inside the property every where. also tumble dryers un-vented same results not sure we ask the right questions when doing these interviews! this lady probably wants to move to a bigger place and this is a way of getting out of flat! its unfortunate but this happens all the time!


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