Monday, October 3, 2022

Ward by ward: Chadwell St Mary

IT IS INTERESTING that the main issue on the doorstep, according to incumbent councillor, Gerard Rice (Lab) is the lower Dartford crossing. Why not? It could affect the businesses up on San Marco Lane, houses in Cole Avenue and a number of other houses on the Brentwood Road.

If it isn’t the crossing then it is housing issues, crime, school places, facilities for children as well as many other issues.

Veteran councillor Gerard Rice is often seen in the ward and displays a deft touch in trying to get things done.

One resident paid tribute to him recently as her stricken husband and herself managed to be moved from limited accommodation in Chadwell to East Tilbury.

Cllr Rice has also kept a keen eye on the developments down the hill at Tilbury FC and is keen to see the club (which has many supporters in Chadwell) move to a bigger stadium.

The political banter between the Tories and Gerard in the chamber is always entertaining. You get the feeling that the Tories feel he could be Labour’s achilles heel.

Needless to say, this remains a safe Labour seat. A few years ago, the BNP went quite close with Bryn Robinson when he polled just 250 votes behind Labour. The fact that their votes have collapsed may illustrate that you do not need to lurch to the right.

Lab hold: 700 maj

Dawn Evans

Derek Beackon
National Front

Gerard William Rice

James Nicholas Baker
UK Independence Party

Tracy Denise Rowe
Liberal Democrats


  1. I have met and heard Cllr Rice, and believe him to be as sincere as any, plus he’s definitely a local man!


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