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Help this hero as Phil Packer comes to Lakeside

THIS year Phil Packer MBE has vowed to walk an epic 2,012 miles to raise £15 million to fund the building of the BRIT Centre of Inspirational Excellence.

On Friday 27th April, Phil will be hosted by Lakeside who will be coordinating his walk and providing him with the opportunity to meet young people from the local community. Phil will reach Lakeside and walk a further four miles, starting at 2pm.

Paul Lancaster, General Manager at Lakeside, comments, “We think that the challenge Phil has taken on is phenomenal and we support him wholeheartedly. We’re looking forward to hosting him as he walks four miles around the shopping centre, meeting members of the local community and raising awareness for his cause.”

Over the course of 2012, Phil will continue to make his way through locations chosen by young people in every county of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, finishing in London in mid-December. On the way Phil is meeting thousands of Great Britain’s youth in every county who have faced difficult challenges in their lives to understand the difficulties they face and listen to how they feel they could regain their self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence.

Phil began his walk in January and continues to look forward to meeting young people and charities within the local community who will back him on the BRIT 2012 Challenge. He has been encouraging schools, colleges and universities to back his bid to build the facility by registering for the BRIT 2012 Challenge and completing 2012 miles as teams. One of them will receive a cheque for £2,012 on the final day of his walk. Additionally, Phil is asking every charity to join the free BRIT Map at which is a signpost for young people to find support groups and charities in their local area. As an incentive, one of the charities will also receive a cheque for £2,012 on the final day of Phil’s walk.

“I’m asking communities across the country to come together and back me in our vision to build a Centre of Inspiration and provide a lifeline for young people facing trauma. My fundraising strategy is not to ask the public directly, but to ask 2,012 businesses to pledge either £10,000 for the capital build or £5,000 for specialist equipment so the public can continue to support charities of their choice. When I reach mile 1,006 (mid-way through my journey) I will launch an appeal for 2,012 businesses to step forward together and inspire young people,” said Mr Packer.

Phil’s BRIT 2012 Challenge has three distinct elements designed to engage young people in the challenge, support charities and build a centre for inspiration using funding from businesses. These are:

Red – Every school, college and university in Great Britain and Northern Ireland is invited to register for the BRIT 2012 Challenge and complete 2,012 miles in 2012 as a team purely to support by acknowledging there are young people who face adversity.

White – BRIT is asking 2,012 businesses to take a £5,000 or £10,000 Pledge (there are 1,000 of each) to raise the £15 million for the BRIT Centre of Inspirational Excellence; the whole workforce can also complete the 2,012 miles as a team should they wish.

Blue – Every charity is encouraged to register so that any member of the public, as an individual or team, can register for the BRIT 2012 Challenge and raise funds for a charity of their choice.


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