Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Four more years for Oliver in West Thurrock and South Stifford


Gareth Davies (Ind): 180

Letrois Bernard (Cons): 212

Matthew Parker (Liberal Democrats): 47

Oliver Gerrish (Labour): 815

Peter Philip Smith (UK Independence Party): 321

Maj: 494

Turnout: 24%


  1. lets get them truckers rolling up devonshire rd.oliver gerrish certainly put a lot of effort into winning this ward.he was highly visible knocking on doors and delivering leaflets,apart from a conservative leaflet through my door the night before the election the other candidates were totally invisible.

  2. I still fail to see how sending lorries along Devonshire Road will take them all off London Road. I definately think that a solution needs to be found however. We shall wait and see!

  3. Because Devonshire Road was initially built as the first stage of a relief road – funding ran out for the second stage – at the bottom of Devonshire road are something called industrial estates. If the HGVs from these industrial estates used Devonshire Road to get to the A13 instead of using London Road there would be fewer HGVs using London Road – simple isn’t it?

    HGVs should never have been banned from using the purpose built relief road.

  4. its gonna be bootiful bernard,all the petrol tankers will use devonshire rd instead of london rd.

  5. Simple common sense for askew farm trucks to come up Devonshire as opposed to using London Road. West Thurrock relief road will never happen.


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