Monday, September 26, 2022

Blog: Down Your Way with Danny

“Just recently I had an occassion to walk through, Fortin Close which is just off Foyle Drive in South Ockendon, where there are bungalows for the elderly and disabled members, of our communtiy live, each of the bungalows have been especially adapted for the tenents needs.

I noticed that most of the footpaths leading into the small estate of bungalows, are riddled with pot holes and deep cracks, and one footpath is sinking exposing the cement base, these cracks and pot holes are an bad accident waiting to happen, not only for the elderly tenents, but for the children and parents who, go to and from Somers Heath Primary School, inside the estate the footpaths are lifting because of the tree roots which are lifting the footpath, there are several roots sticking through the very thin tarmac and are actually growing through the holes, the same trees are blocking out all of the suns rays, which causes darkness for the entire day, on other gardens there are trees that are, lifting up grass lawns by sending out there roots looking for water.

One garden as a very large cherry tree in the front garden, which is leaning towards two bungalows, because of the rain soaked grassed lawns, it could collapse into the bungalows, if there was gale force wind blowing, these trees have been reported several times to the council and the three Belhus Ward councillors over the years, surely its time to cut the offending trees down, or severly prune them, so that day light can enter at least three bungalows again, it will cost a large fourtune if the tres do collapse or somebody as a fall on the cracked pavenments around the small estate, which is cheaper rebuilding several bungalows or repaying an insurance company for a broken leg on one of the pavements on the estate.

Further along Foyle Drive, I notice two men digging holes in the grass in Dilkes Park, I walked up to seewhat they were doing, and noticed that they had planted, a brown plastic tree trunk which had a sign board on it, it had a message which said, welcome to Dilkes Park!, the two men moaned that they had to work between rain showers to put the signs up, I spoke to several dog walkers, and asked them, what they thought about the new plastic tree trunks, one said it will amuse the thugs that get in the park at night, it will give them some else to vandalise, and perhaps leave the childrens ply area alone for a while, another dog walker said I think its typical of the council, to pretent they havent got any money to spare, then thousands of pounds on stupid things that dont matter to people, after all anybody living in this area knows it is called Dilkes Park or Woods, she went onto say the Belhus councillors probably spend money, on their pay rises and allowances, she as been waiting for eight weeks with a broken toilet system, having to flush it with a bucket, they told her they haven’t got the money to replace it for her, so she asked for a housing inspector to come out, and see it on the grounds of Health and Safety.

It seems that everybody I spoke to, are not very happy with the performance of the three Belhus ward councillors, their main complaint is they all promise, to do something but don’t anything for them, well nothing new there then, and the only reason some of the residents voted for Sue Gray was, there wasn’t any leaflets from other candidates, so they just voted for her, because they know the name, but they dont know her, because she is just a voice at the end of the telephone.


  1. Well said Danny.Regarding the Belhus Cllrs, especially Sue Gray, I could not have put it better.It’s going to be dull, with”Gray” clouds over the Belhus Ward for the next four years.

  2. Thank you peter I felt it was time for somebody to do a roaming revue of the South Ockendon estates, perhaps the readers could suggest places, that I could perhaps roam through, whilst I am down your way.

  3. I think the contents of the blog could be levelled at the majority of local councillors in Thurrock, there seems to be so much waste on things that do not matter to the local residents, lets hope that the resounding apathy towards all the candidates in the recent elections will make them take note and listen to the people

  4. Hello Danny. I have been sitting at my computer digesting your words. Thank goodness there are people like you that are taking the interest in what is going on. As a tenant of TBC I used to think I was just unlucky with what goes on. How many more are there like me…the mind boggles. We have Black Mould…illegal parking….dogs poo…houses with so many defects etc etc.. the list goes on… the mind boggles. I did not realise that so many tenants have been in my position..I do hope that many tenants will go to the meeting on 11 May and hope that between us we can get the Council to listen for a change and we do not have to listen to the lies and their get out clauses. I do not know if TBC have a different dictionary than me but the word “Emergency” does not seem to be in their vocabulary. Keep up the good work Danny and I sincerely hope that many will join you.

  5. Thank you Flower and Lambo for your support, I will from time to time be high lighting problems of the ordinary tenent of Thurrock, it seems it doesnt matter whos in power they all stop short, when it comes to spending money, but it is ok for the elected mayor, to hold regular booze ups, after council meetings, off camera of course, but when it comes to carring out basic repairs, to maintain the well being of the occupant and the property which belongs to Thurrock Council, they pass rthe buck, and make redundant skilled Electric fitters and Plumbers, and people who could make doors and fences etc, and employ a comapny that is not only, incompetent in carring out basic repairs, but have to bring in outside comapnies to do basic plumbing and electric work, and when it comes to a toilet flush tank not working, they have to send out an housing inspector from the incompetent company, and that can take any time he wants to come out, I really think the council should now think again about house repairs and work with there tenents, who after all pay there wages, there are so many things that need to be carried out, to help all of your tenents lead a better life in there homes, it is after all what you were elected for, or was it!!..

  6. I enjoyed the read immensely Danny, keep it going, its good to see more and more people having their say on YT about the real issues.


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