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Blog: Mr Perrin’s not impressed with election

“A Word in Your Ear” from Mr Peter Perrin

“I came away from the count, at the Civic Hall, with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was pleased that the Labour Party managed to take control of the Council on the other hand I was disappointed at the low turnout, along with little or no opposition, which enabled some Councillors with an already poor record and of questionable ability to retain their seats.

In view of the appallingly low turnout the candidates, with the possible exception of Labour Cllr Yash Gupta and Mr Robert Ray the UKIP candidate for Aveley and Uplands, have little cause to celebrate. None of them can claim they were given a resounding “personal” vote. Most voters probably voted for political Parties not for personalities.

My sympathies go to Martin Kerin, the Labour candidate for South Ockendon, who, despite the disgraceful conduct of Cllr Aaron Kiely and a Conservative candidate [Barry Johnson] with a proven good record as a Councillor, put up a good “fight” and only lost by a narrow margin. Congratulations Mr Johnson your return to the Council Chamber is well deserved.

As a resident of the Belhus Ward I cannot conclude without making mention of the candidate for Belhus, Cllr Sue Gray, who prefers to be known primarily as the Chair of the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA] and secondly as a Councillor for South Ockendon rather than attending to her duties as a Councillor for the Belhus Ward.

Her victory was achieved, not by any effort on her part, but by lack of any effective opposition. She made little effort to make contact with the people of Belhus; either by leafleting or knocking on doors, as she arrogantly ignored them and took the Labour voters for granted. In view of her lack of effort it was particularly nauseating to witness her doing a victory jig and waving her arms in the air and then compound her unseemly conduct, when the result was formally announced, by contemptuously walking off without making a “thank you” speech to those who voted for her.

I fear for the next four years the sky over Belhus Ward is going to be “Gray” and cloudy with little prospect of fairer “weather” to come.


  1. Well said Mr Perrin, We have once again been left with this Lazy incompetant women, thanks so much to the other candidates who could not be bothered to put out leaflets or even show themselves or put up a fight, they all need to remember in two years the queen of nastiness will be on the prowl for votes once again, the residents are imploring to be given the chance to have a selection to vote from instead of having to put up with the same worthless Belhus councillors.

  2. Another fine blog Peter, its a pity that you wont run for local councillor, you would do a better job of it, as you would be there to help the Belhus ward residents, we dont get much support from any of our three councillors, I think when good old charlie Curtis was the mayor of TBC, was the only time the good people of Belhus, had ever seen him, he was there every time a camera click, with his NHS false teeth flashing, its a great pity his wife wasnt with him, then perhaps we would recognise her if we ever saw her in the belhus ward, I know we wont ever see councillor Samba dancer Sue Gray as she is only ever seen in her lair (SORA) where she is the chairperson who presides over her friends ie, charlie and wendy curtis, there cant be much to talk about, as nobody from South Ockendon ever attends her secret meetings, because nobody knows where they are held, and if you did know, you wont be made welcome, if you want to ask a question and get an answer, I believe SORA as again moved from there last place to somewhere else, I really think they have all LOST THE SCRIPT, and are not fit for purpose.

  3. How the hell poison pen perrin as the gall to offer condolences to Martin Kerin when without doubt the comments made on here by him almost certainly persauded some voters not to vote Labour is beyond me. He claims to be a Labour supporter but all he does on Y/T is bitch and moan about Labour councillors and candidates.

    I’m sure Peter said how pleased he was that Labour took the council whilst he got a lift home from the count at the Civic Hall from his friends in the Tory party.

    Peter why don’t you do the decent thing and resign your Labour Party membership then you can actually come out and say “Vote Tory” rather than imply it.

    Grow a pair you two-faced little man.

  4. I find it amazing that there are people that insult each other over a media page and are meant to be in the same political party, what happened to uniting behind one another? standing strong for the good of the community?.
    Although in my view (personal one) I believe in freedom of speech, so I admire Mr Perrins blogs and openness, I remember when we had a conservative administration labour loved the idea of Perrin taking Cllr Revell/Ojetola/Hague to task, but because he holds a labour membership card the local labour party think he shouldn’t take the labour administration to task. I wonder why?

    As for Red Rebel’s comments – although in many other blogs I agree with what you say I believe you have shown a nasty side and to “represent” the Thurrock Labour Party in the manner and tone like that isn’t helping your cause!.
    Peter should not resign his party membership under no circumstances – I don’t see how he is a tory because he got a lift back home with somebody from the opposition, Why didn’t anybody from Labour take him home?

  5. It seems Red Rebel has the gripes, Mr Perrin must be saying something right to get a reaction of such hostility. I am aware Mr Perrin does so much for this bunch of misfits but his loyalties are never appreciated, as for going home with his friends who happen to be Tory supporters I would imagine its whats called being grown up. Red Rebels comments just go to prove how unsavoury the Labour lot are, wendy curtis must be giving free lessons to them all. Mr Perrins comments will always be of truth and sincerity and if the misfits do not like it then get off your fat backsides and show the Belhus residents the respect they deserve and earn your money.

  6. jmw118, candour, danny and Grays88 I thank you all for your supportive comments.

    Red Rebel for your information I was not given a lift home by any “member” of the Tory Party, I was taken to and from the count by personal friends who, though they may have different political opinions from myself, do not consider me their “enemy” nor do I consider them mine. My advice to Labour voters was restricted to the Belhus Ward and was not directed to voters in the South Ockendon Ward, on the contrary I had been out campaigning on Martin Kerin’s behalf on several occasions which, if you are a Belhus or South Ockendon Labour Party member, seems to be more than you did. Much as you would like me to resign my membership of the Labour Party, I have no intention of doing so just to make life easier for Councillors, of whatever political persuasion, who are not up to the mark and fail their constituents.
    As for your offensive closing remark, at least I have got the “balls” to put my proper name to my blogs and comments.

  7. I doubt if Red Rebel will make further comment to Mr Perrins answer, probably will not understand it anyway. Never mind saying get some balls I think Red Rebel first needs to get a brain before commenting about Mr Perrin and his ability to converse with both sides of the parties. Do we need to remind you Red Rebel it is not a childrens playground that you and many of the Labour cllrs seem to be at home with, to dictate and bully others such like Mr Perrin will do you no favours. Mr Perrin for MP.

  8. Well Well, The Curtis mob have at last surfaced, its a pity that you did not do some leafleting or electioneering, so that all the people in the Belhus Ward can get to know who and what there ward councillors look like, the past months we have of course seen good old charlie curtis in every picture taken in the TBC area, with his NHS teeth gleaming, that must have lowered the demand for pictures, good job both papers they appeared in were given out free of charge, I dont think many if any ordinary people know what Wendy Curtis looks like, let alone knows what she will do for the voters of the Belhus ward, as for Sue Gray at least she was seen, putting leaflets in peoples doors, but not along Stifford Road!, I wonder why, was she frightened that somebody might ask her a question, she did however tell everybody she met that, she didnt really want to be in the election, as she wanted to put all her time to being Chairperson of SORA, the secret organization for other Belhus councillors, where they pat one another on the back, for ddeds only they know about, it looks to me that is where RED REBEL comes from, I for one trust what Mr.Peter Perrin says, and if he got a lift home from the Civic hall, then good for him, I would go an extra mile for Peter Perrin, but wouldnt cross the road, for the three so called Belhus Ward councillors, I am hoping this is the last time they get in to power, we want people who will help us, and will do things for us, not just on the Flowers estate or in Ockendon wards, but here in the BELHUS WARD, where they was dismally voted for..


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