Thursday, July 25, 2024

Ford staff at Dunton set to strike

FORD staff will take 24 hour strike action on Monday 18 June from 6.00am until 6.00am on Tuesday 19 June.

Staff are furious that the company wants to close the final salary pension scheme to new starters and lower their rates of pay.

Staff voted by 67 per cent on a 100 per cent turnout for strike action on 22 May, but the union agreed to postpone announcing the ballot result to the public to allow further negotiations with the company to take place.

A union spokesperson said: “However, after a series of meetings it has become obvious that the company is not prepared to make any genuine attempts to resolve this dispute.

“The union has been attempting to reach a deal on behalf of 2,500 Ford UK staff for months, but Ford UK is still insisting on closing the final salary scheme to new starters. The union believes this is the ‘thin end of the wedge’ and will lead to the ultimate closure of the company’s final salary pension scheme for all Ford staff.

“Ford is also proposing to introduce lower rates of pay for new entrants creating a two tier workforce. Ford wants to introduce new rates of pay significantly less than the pay of existing staff doing the same work, with no mechanism for progression.”

Unite national officer Roger Maddison said: “Our staff members will not stand by and allow Ford to create a two tier workforce on pay and pensions. To date Ford has failed to make any genuine attempts to resolve this dispute. Unless there is a last minute change of heart from the company Ford faces a national strike this Monday.

“We fiercely oppose the closure of Ford’s final salary scheme to new entrants because we believe ultimately Ford will try to close the entire scheme. Ford must prove that it is committed to the UK by investing in its UK workforce. The UK has the best sales in Europe, there’s no excuse to attack the terms and conditions of a new generation of Ford staff.

“The company is also refusing to back away from creating a two tier workforce by making new starters work for less money for doing the same job as existing staff. This is totally unacceptable.”


  1. I think its only a matter of time before this country has a general strike again.
    Perhaps that will be all Labours fault as well?!

  2. rocket1, you and your team was sold down the river by your convenor’s. they should have known better to sell you off like that! However, the hourly paid agreed, therefore your team wasnt expect to join in with the strike! So much for a ‘united’ voice eh!


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