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High standard set at the Drama Festival

Erica and Me

By Alan Robinson

Thurrock Courts Players
Directed by Pauline Crowhust

This was a typical Whitehall farce with its usual wrong people in the wrong place and totally misunderstanding each other. To succeed the cast must deliver with pace ,pace and more pace. This they achieved in spades and first time director Pauline Crowhurst must be congratulated on her debut direction.

Gary Patmore as Simon set the tone for the play with a show of energetic nervousness and well displayed anxiety.

Paul Fowler adjudicating said that this was highly enjoyable with lots to laugh at .This was a production that was deceptively difficult to produce. There was a clever approach to set design.. Excellent timing by the cast especially from Jill Snelling although some laughs were lost by the audience as laughter drowned the next line . Her performance was nicely shaped . Michael Mcfarlane was very believable as the boss.

The supporting Erica’s were all well played by Jenny Lee, Monica Zieba ,Mary Bloss and Lucille Lesage.

Overall a production that provided loads of laughs that zipped smartly along
. A little fine tuning needed maybe but a very successful show.

The Paranoid and the Proposed by John Arthur Green

Blitzed Theatre Co
Directed by Neil Gray

In the past I may have been guilty of disliking a Neil Gray production. Although never disliking the performance it was the choice of play that didn’t work for me
On this occasion though I found this a very well performed enjoyable short play. This was
a light comedy with several serious points .

It studied the Insecurity and the ebb and flow of the relationship between the couple played by Neil Gray and Helen Castle .. The material looked great and very natural ,a portrait of two people who were full of anxiety and insecurities. Two very natural performances with great fluency with some excellent moments. As it turns darker it gets more intriguing. The supporting cast were strong and delivered a mystery of intrigue .
Adjudicator Paul Fowler gave no apologies that he wasn’t totally clear on some of the plots intricacies

A highly unusual play that was compelling thought provoking and given life and vibrancy by Blitzed .


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