Saturday, July 13, 2024

Multicultural week set for Ormiston

Schools are encouraged to participate in a range of commemorative events and programs that reflect multicultural perspectives and inclusiveness. The celebratory events should promote cultural diversity awareness and help teachers provide for an inclusive curriculum.

The exhibitions and projects on display during these weeks should offer personal journeys and insights into experiences that promote an awareness and understanding of intercultural values.

Ormiston Park Academy’s multicultural week is a weeklong series of activities both in the classrooms and at school-wide assemblies and it serves to highlight the different cultures that make up the school and world.

Class activities are usually initiated by the teachers and parents, and allow parents the opportunity to share their child’s culture with their classmates through an interactive activity. These activities range from reading stories, preparing food, doing crafts, and teaching games, dances or songs.

The Multicultural Week- 25th- 29th June, will celebrate the cultural diversity of the school.  They’ll showcase and explore art, artifacts, food, music and traditions from the school community. 

Ormiston Park Academy are asking the Thurrock parents to join them and share their heritage.  Adults from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds are needed.

If you feel you have something you would like to share with our students and staff we would welcome your input. This could be in any format such as a story telling session, the introduction to traditional dress, celebrations of festivals or sharing of traditional food.


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