Monday, July 22, 2024

Tilbury Power station to fire up again

THE biomass power plant at Tilbury resumed exporting electricity on Thursday for the first time since February’s fire.

The two other units at the plant are not expected back until at least the end of July, it said, due to continuing refit work.

RWE said the fire, which broke out in a fuel storage facility containing some 4,000-6,000 tonnes of wood pellets, had no single cause.

It blamed a number of minor events that led to the blaze.

“When wood pellets in neighbouring hoppers were moved, significant air drafts were created and, despite fire suppressant foam having been used to cap the affected areas, it is likely that the increased levels of oxygen caused the ignition of the smouldering dust,” RWE said.

The plant will shut down by the end of 2015 under an EU-wide directive that highly polluting power plants have to close. 


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