Thursday, July 25, 2024

Violent scenes after arrests at Coryton protests

THREE people have been arrested after violence erupted during a protest over plans to shut Coryton Oil refinery.

Over 70 people gathered outside the Vopak terminal in West Thurrock, in an attempt to disrupt tankers.

Two 20-year-old men were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer and a 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “This afternoon’s tensions saw protesters seek to disrupt the business of the refinery and fail to comply with requests to move back to the area which had been agreed.”


  1. Hmmm…that wasn’t how the protesters remembered it – the police granted permission for them to pose for a photo op and then steamed in. These are the families and friends of those in danger of losing their jobs – not thugs.

  2. Sorry workingclass it wasn’t a dig at the real people that are losing their jobs. It’s just that the Labour party tend to use the marxist led Unite union to bus in their middle class, university educated rent a mob to have a pop at the governmment in situations like this. It’s been pointed out by other people that this is a profitable organisation and in my opinion prospective buyers are only waiting for it to close down so they can get a better deal on buying it. Let’s just hope that when that happens, those that lose their jobs are first in line to be re-employed.


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