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Chadwell forum seek views on Cross Keys junction

CHADWELL community forum want residents views about the Cross Keys junction.

A spokesperson said:

MOST Chadwell St Mary residents have to use this busy junction at least once a day, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for drivers coming down from the Orsett Cock to be able to turn right safely into Riverview.


* Because traffic coming up Chadwell Hill and turning into Linford Road (especially HGVs’) blocks the view down the hill, so you can’t see what’s coming up on the inside, and are unable to proceed;

* Because even when the lights are changing, drivers coming up the hill jump them, causing anyone trying to turn right to be stranded in the middle of the crossing, in full view of the traffic-cameras just outside the library!

So what can be done?

Installing filter lights suitably timed would solve the problem of drivers’ views being blocked. Or, all four sets of lights could be re-timed so that only traffic from one of the four approach roads can proceed at any one time. This might cause minor increases in queuing times but that is a small price to pay for increased safety for motorists and pedestrians alike. It will also enable cars coming out of St Stephen’s Crescent to do so without too much trouble.

If you agree? Please sign the petition that we shall be circulating, to make your views known to the police and Thurrock Council, through whom the Forum will pursue the matter.


  1. Cross Keys Junction is one of the most dangerous road junctions in Thurrock, what doesn’t help is the increase in bus services serving both the Orsett Heath and Longhouse estates each bus service uses the busy junction twice, I think that the traffic lights should all be re-timed so all the four roads get a fair share of crossing the busy junction, then later in the evening go onto Approach lights, there as been many accidents, because drivers get frustrated at cars getting stuck in the middle of the junction, because there paths are not clear, I have seen cars and vans crossing over the junction on Red lights, and if they are turning from Brentwood Road into River View, they cant see what is coming out of the road until they are in the middle of the junction, when its to late, traffic coming from Chadwell Hill usually try to accelerate so that they are not caught on the brow of the hill, but cars etc turning right into, Linford Road block the inside lane, causing cars and buses to mount the footpath to go around the stationary traffic, I think if they were widen the approach roads and resite the traffic lights, this would go someway to bringing a little safety to a very dangerous road junction.


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