Thursday, July 25, 2024

LG Networks advice on leasing your IT systems

Many of our prospects tell us that they are in desperate need of upgrading IT equipment such as servers and phone systems, but are having relevant problems with cash flow (as most of us are during the current economic climate) and therefore, upgrading their communication systems becomes low priority, as we simply don’t have the cash. As IT systems become more important to the efficient operation of most organisations, the need to provide your staff and business with a good infrastructure increases.

Understandably, many business owners are fearful of entering into monthly contracts for IT equipment, preferring to buy outright, eliminating the monthly costs. But consider this – what are the most important assets to your business?

In the majority of all businesses, these assets are monthly payments, so why should your IT systems be any different?

Buying your systems outright can have its benefits, but generally, monthly payments are people’s only option. The cost of having staff unable to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues is priceless. The cost of upgrading to more efficient and consistent IT & communication equipment can be less than the cost of one company vehicle rental.

Here are a number of benefits we can offer through our flexible lease rental terms.

Preserve cash-flow
Easy Upgrade
Fixed Budget
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Add to this our fixed cost telecoms & IT services and you will know exactly what you need to budget for IT.



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