Thursday, July 25, 2024

Special Constable from Chafford sacked over racist comments

A SPECIAL CONSTABLE from Chafford Hundred has launched a claim for unfair dismissal after being sacked from the Metropolitan Police for making racist remarks in a police locker room.

Rosanna Garofalo, of Frances St, Chafford Hundred, was secretly recorded making the comments to a police officer at the Tolpuddle Street station in Angel, Islington in March.

The taped conversation revealed Garofalo comparing black people to gorillas.

The conversation was brought to the attention of senior officers by an officer who had taped it on their i-phone.

Both officers were fired for gross misconduct after a disciplinary hearing in late August but Garofalo has now launched a claim for unfair dismissal telling the Daily Mirror that her comments were “Taken out of context.


  1. This sort of thing makes me seethe. Not knowing all the facts it is difficult to make a valid judgement as to why the officer felt it appropriate to record a private conversation on his/her i-phone. In all these things, context is everything. Was Rosanna speaking in a loud angry fashion and being abusive about black people, or was she having a bit of a laugh with who she thought was a friend?

    Shades of Carole Thatcher’s outburst behind the scenes at the, ‘One Show’, springs to mind.


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