Monday, April 15, 2024

More lorry drivers fined after 28-hour drive from Bulgaria

TWO lorry drivers who took turns to drive a truck for 28 hours without an adequate rest break have been fined after being stopped as part of a police road safety check in Essex.

The truckers had travelled from Bulgaria and were on their way with parcels for Stansted airport when they were intercepted on the M25 on Wednesday September 20 and taken to a check site at Moto services, Thurrock.

Checks by officers from the Essex Police Commercial Vehicle Unit showed that they should have taken a full day’s rest after 21 hours of sharing the driving, but they had gone seven hours over the limit. The drivers were each fined £400.

Seven other drivers were also found to have broken strict European regulations on driving hours and a total of 103 infringements were detected.

Officers also dealt with four overweight vehicles, one vehicle without an MOT and one driver without insurance, Officers from the DVLA dealt with three vehicles without valid tax and drivers were allowed to leave only after pay their back tax.

The checks were carried out under Operation Mermaid, the national campaign to rid the roads of unsafe or dangerously-driven commercial vehicles. A total of 27 lorries and vans were stopped and £2,460 was collected in fines for the various offences.



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