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Workers of the World Unite as cultural diversity to be celebrated

A NUMBER OF Thurrock historians will be speaking at an event in Chelmsford which will celebrate the cultural diversity of Thurrock.

On Saturday October 13th, the Essex Record Office and the Essex Cultural Diversity Project will be hosting Workers of the World Unite!, a special one-day celebration of Essex’s cultural diversity as part of Black History Month 2012.

Thanks to the generosity of the Essex Cultural Diversity Project, they are very pleased to announce that they are now able to make tickets for this event available for free, rather than at the previously advertised price of £20.

Since 1945, people from all over the world have made Essex their home, and this special one-day event considers the contribution that these people have made to the working life of Essex. This diversity of people from around the world has created colourful communities, which are ever growing and changing, and with them so are the stories and heritage of the Essex people.

Some of these stories will be highlighted by Workers of the World Unite!, with five guest speakers each talking about their own experiences or expertise:

Jonathan Catton from Thurrock Museum will talk about the arrival of the Empire Windrush in Tilbury Docks

Fred Price of the Bata Memories Project will share her knowledge of Bataville, the community of Czechoslovakian workers at the Bata shoe factory in East Tilbury

Sarah Dickie of the Essex Record Office will talk about the records that the ERO holds for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in Essex

Tracey Ahern, teacher, will tell us about cultural diversity in Essex Schools

Dr Durga Chatterjee – his life as an Indian doctor from the subcontinent working in the NHS and at Fords in Dagenham

Plus poetry from Jeffrey Porter

There will also be refreshments and a flavours-of-the-world buffet, all kindly sponsored by the Essex Cultural Diversity Project.

Chair of the ECDP, Yvonne Howard commented that “We felt it was important that the Essex Cultural Diversity Project become involved with this conference to enable the Essex Record Office to share this important facet of the history of the county with the widest possible audience, all of whom can now benefit from the expert knowledge they offer”.


  1. Just how does black history month signify diversity. It’s not diversity it is the promotion of black people. It is another reason that the rest of society will ignore it as yet another part of the left’s agenda to force feed multiculturalism to the unwashed and ignorant masses. We just don’t understand and need re-educating at Labour re-education camps. What a steaming pile of dung.


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