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Search for men after taxi driver beaten and robbed in Corringham

POLICE are searching for four men after a taxi driver was assaulted and robbed in Corringham.

The attack happened at 2.50 am on Saturday October 6th at Lampits Hill, Corringham.

The driver picked up the fare from Conrad Mews in Stanford-le-Hope. As the car entered the Lampits Hill area, the man was punched and then robbed of £200 and his mobile phone.

The men made off in the direction of Fobbing.

The man took himself to Basildon hospital.

Essex Police are appealing for any information. Please contact Grays police station on the 101 number.




  1. I have been a taxi driver in the Thurrock area for many years now, and my sympathy goes out to the attacked taxi driver, these people are just scum looking for a free journey, they normally go around in three’s or four’s as they are usually cowards and need somebody else to back up there cowardly ways, I have been assaulted twice once by three drunken and drug affected thugs, who hit more harder in the back of my head, and tried to steal my nights takings, I held onto my cash bag, despite being hit by two drunken yobs, they fled leaving me badly bruised and shaken, the police didnt want to know, as they hadn’t taken anything and I couldnt tell them where they lived, the second time was when I picked up three primary school teachers from Bas Vegas at 02.30hrs on a very wet Sunday morning, they were completely plastered, one couldn’t even stand up, they slumped into my taxi, and demanded that I stop for a burger or kebab on the way back to Grays, most of the kebab vans had packed up for the night, I found one at the Orsett Cock PH, they all got kebabs and got back into the taxi, one said she wanted dropping off at, F’ing London Road, I took her there she said that, her mates had the fare, the next stop was in Chafford hundred estate, she fell out and I pulled away, the next drop was on the Garrison estate in Purfleet, she couldnt get out so I helped her, she then gave me £15 for the fare, I said that is £25 short of the agreed fare, she told me to F off, and kicked me in the shin’s, I couldnt retaliate as she was supposed to be a lady, so I left her sitting in the middle of a very large puddle, I did contact the police, and was told that it was a civil matter, and not a police matter, I think its about time that the law is changed, before there is a death out there, taxi drivers have an emergency number they use if they are attacked, but by the time the other taxis arrived the assailants have always left.


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