Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mould and damp drove man “to despair” as he vandalises council flat

A MAN pleaded guilty to criminal damage to council property but claimed that it was the mould and damp in his flat that “tipped him over the edge”.

Basildon magistrates court heard that on the 15th September, Wesley Crooks (30) of Morrison House, Jesmond Road, Grays damaged an electronic switch to the value of £500.

In mitigation, his solicitor told the court that Crooks and his partner had been “driven to despair” over the condition of their dwelling.

She said: “My client has a thick pile of correspondence with Thurrock Council, going back several years, detailing their problems.”

The court heard that both Crooks and his partner were on disability living allowance.

Crooks received a conditional discharge for 12 months and was ordered to pay £200 in compensation.

After the case, an industry expert told YT that “being driven to distraction” over mould and damp was not uncommon.

They said: “It is not just the multitude of physical ailments but there are reports of depression being caused or exacerbated through mould and damp.”

Belhus resident, Dee Lodge has and continues to fight a campaign re mould in Thurrock houses.

Mrs Lodge said: “We continue to compile evidence and campaign on a number of fronts.”


  1. Not surprised, I know several families who suffer this problem and get little or no response fromTBC, apart from the usual wall painting of the mould solution which seems like a bit of a smokescreen as little improvement is noted, boxing in areas and later find the mould has increased in these areas, I understand they are now washing down areas with a new chemical solution.

    Time will tell.

    Shopuld this gent not make a counter claim on TBC fro the damage they are doing to his and others health by basically ignoring the problems, short term fixes are not enough.

    WE NEED TO BE STRONG and CHALLENGE TBC over this problem.

    TOGETHER WE CAN IMROVE our living conditions.

    TBC seem to be very contractual when it comes to finances (ie Council Tax and Rents), so why do they fall down when it comes to the condition of their properties.

    Easy answer – they wont spend any money on anything constructive and by employing Morrisons they drain the finances to feed the shareholders of said company

  2. I am glad to see that this poor man was not sentanced too severly, I would suggest he makes his counter claim against TBC,he is entitled to do so as are other residents out there living with mould. People are unaware not only does inhaling mould over long periods damage your nasal and lungs it also attacks the nervous system and can cause long term neurological damage. I agree with Big Nose, I can only do so much on my own trying to get this out to Public Health which by the way is not happening, GP’s, TBC and Public Health are deliberatly ignoring the Health Warnings. There are over 10.000 homes with mould in Thurrock, treble that for those that are in occupancy and here we have a serious Health Crisis.


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