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Ockendon Academy take on the £10 challenge

YEAR 10 students at the Ockendon Studio School have taken on a £10 challenge to make their money ‘grow’ over the academic year by setting up their own small, enterprising businesses. The new Studio School opened this September as part of the Ockendon Academy. It is one of only two similar type schools in the UK that provide a unique approach to learning, combining academic education with real opportunities to gain skills for employment, through work based projects.

Each student has been given a £10 note and will be aiming to grow that money over the academic year with the idea to make as much profit as possible from a business venture that they set up. Students will use the initial £10 to invest in a project of their own devising, whether it is buying raw materials or developing marketing materials. All will be building on business and customer service skills they have gained since joining the Studio School in September.

Mr Berry, Director of the Ockendon Studio School said, “This fully hands-on business experience is typical of the way we like our students to learn at the Ockendon Studio School. This is a fun challenge but will also provide students with some real life lessons and experiences that are faced by entrepreneurs and growing businesses”.

Since their initial choices for investment will be core to the success of the challenge it was launched with a brainstorming and idea generation session led by Mr Harrison, the Studio School personal coach. There were lots of excellent ideas from football coaching to dog walking and it will be interesting to see which is the most successful.

The challenge officially ends in the summer term when the person who has made the most profit will be declared a winner. Students will be entitled to keep any profits they make and are encouraged to try and keep their business running as long as possible.

Regular updates on the progress of students will be posted on Twitter @OckendonSS and Facebook.


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