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Road Safety Week: The ten most dangerous spots in Thurrock?

THIS WEEK, is road safety week.

So YT asked driving instructor, Sabina Chan of Driving-Essex.Co.UK to give us a rundown (no pun intended) of the ten areas in the borough, which can be of concern for road-users and pedestrians alike.

Sabina has gathered the information from people on her facebook page as well as her own experience.

1. A13: Plenty of accidents on this road, poor lighting at night. Increased risk now due to road works at Stanford. People not reading signs and not sticking to speed limits of 50.

2. Ockendon: Various road works at the moment with reported temp traffic lights not working. Speed cam out of use so people are still speeding in this area.

3. Grays: Bruce Wharf: It’s a 20 mph zone but area is being treated as a rat run with speeding and over-taking a common occurrence. We see near head-on collisions all the time.

It appears that due to council’s attempt to slow traffic by introducing give way lines, people are not signalling.

Personally this road is a nightmare to take learners as they are being overtaken even though they are doing 20mph, forcing them too near kerbs too much.

4. Grays Dell Road – Quarry Hill Primary School: Vehicles speeding around the corner although signs for school and speed humps in place.

Difficult to cross as too many cars parked and vehicles squeezing through in attempt to get past.

5. Junction of North Stifford and A13– residents report that its difficult to leave the village if you are a pedestrian.

6. Chafford Hundred. Mayflower Road. Parents, even very local, are bringing children to school by car and parking up on kerbs.

Parents are being seen using drives, and kerbs to park. Many are not looking around when moving off.

People using the tight road whilst pedestrians crossing to do manourvres such as turn in the road and left reverse around the corner. The whole area is very unsafe just waiting till something happens for people to realise.

7. Tilbury: Thurrock Park Way: Previous double yellow lines appear to have been removed and lorries always parking there parallel to McDonald’s, creating problems for people leaving the roundabout as they are head on with vehicles trying to get around said parked lorries. Daily occurrence.

8. Treacle Mine roundabout. Many Thurrock drivers finding that people are not using correct lanes and then cutting up on roundabout

9. London Road/Bruce Wharf: Only one zebra crossing, and other side no crossing and pedestrians finding it hard to cross the road. General feel is that drivers are speeding a lot, and not being courteous.

10. In general… As a driver on the roads teaching, general attitude is very bad on the roads. Lots of overtaking in very very bad areas. I’ve seen so many near misses.


  1. what about london rd south stifford?,apparently the devonshire road weight limit was lifted last week but no one has taken the signs down.

  2. Hi Jmw118 and Rocket. There are certainly more areas, and we couldn’t list them all so we collected information submitted to us from general public. Certainly agree with both your points. Please feel free to post any links on our Facebook page.

  3. Bruces Wharf Road/Argent St is dangerous due to the layout of the road. It has a stupid layout which doesn’t slow traffic and actually makes driving down there more hassle than it needs to be. They should straighten the road, put in a few junctions to slow traffic and thats that. There’s no need to have so many pointless twists and turns.

  4. Bernard we definitely agree, very difficult for post to cope with especially learner drivers that need extra but if room and time to do things.


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