Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Thurrock Swimming Club becomes Swim 21 accredited

THURROCK Swimming Club has become a Swim 21 Accredited Club for Competitive Development and Masters Foundation after An 11 month rigorous audit process covering 50 modules on all aspects on how to run a well managed, focused and successful swimming club.

The accreditation means that Thurrock Swimming Club is dedicated to creating the best possible swimming experience for all and to raising the quality of swimming provision across all areas of swimming.

It is more than a simple badge of honour. Its guarantees parents that the quality of provision of swimming for children is of the highest quality. Swim 21 is a development that allows swimmers, teachers, coaches and those responsible for developing programmes at Thurrock to continually improve and shows a club with good governance.

As a Swim 21 Club, Thurrock ensures that it provides high quality, safe, effective, child friendly services for the benefit of all its swimmers and non swimming members. It is all about putting the swimmers first and ensuring young learners follow the pathway that the governing body the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) recognises for training and competition.

Hazel Day, Club Secretary was formally presented with the Club’s Swim 21 Certificate of Accreditation by Paul Hayes, President of the ASA East Region, on Friday 19th October.


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