Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Super head at Stifford Clays opens school up for Christmas Day

WELL, they said that the new head at Stifford Clays primary would make a difference and they were right.

Since his arrival, earlier this year, head-teacher Anthony Peltier has been committed to an open-door policy.

And now that seems to extend to Christmas Day!

The head is throwing open the doors to anyone who would like a Christmas dinner.

He has been backed by the two local councillors.

Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “Since coming to Stifford Clays primary, Mr Peltier has set about putting the school at the heart of the community from the community choir, jubilee celebrations and now this lovely gesture of pupils, parents, staff and local elderly residents coming together on the most important day in the year are just some of the examples of how pupils and parents really feel valued and that our primary in Stifford Clays is an exceptional and very special place to be.

“I would like to personally say a very big thank you to all who will be making this a wonderful celebration on Christmas Day and how proud I am to be working with such a wonderful school where pupils are taught that everyone should be highly valued. ”


  1. What a fantastic gesture. It’s good to be able to read, and watch,a genuinely happy story for once, heaven knows we could do with one. Well done to all concerned and to YT for the heads up.

    Can I suggest Mike, a shiny new microphone for the new year – had trouble hearing your questions amid the background noise. Mind you, it could be me getting older.

  2. At last. Back to the old days. A man with common sense and a human approach to what life is about. This man, the school and the children and parents are an example to the rest of us. When we get away from the media driven multicultural society and back to the basics and away from the politics of the Labour party, we get a person that can drive a community forward. Let us hope that he doesn’t get corrupted by the politics and shows the rest the way to go.

  3. NoVoice stops your silly ranting!! Black heateacher that does not respect multiculturalism is a contradiction. What makes you think that valuing community is not at the heart of multiculturalism. This is a story about community stop the racist sterotyping and Labour bashing. Bottom line great story, about positive work, leave the mumbo jumbo out and the political point scoring. You will be the first to shout ‘get rid of him’ when the schools celebrates black history month or any other event to celebrate other sections of the community.


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