Monday, May 27, 2024

The answer to New Zealand’s cricket woes may lie in…..Thurrock

YOU MAY have noticed that New Zealand were skittled out for 45 against South Africa in the first test in Cape Town.

IT was the lowest test score since 1974 and has caused much weeping and grinding of teeth in the land of the Hobbit.

ESPN columnist Jarrod Kimber has written a damning column which bemoans the state of New Zealand cricket and quotes that it’s now the sixteenth most popular sport in New Zealand.

Jarrod then goes on to quote from an article on YT. Infact it is one of the weekly indoor cricket reports from Cliff Cansdale which focusses on under 12 to under 14 cricket.


It just goes to show the good work that is going on across the borough and why, every day in Thurrock, there are young people taking part in healthy activity.


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