Council set record straight on Aveley developments

THURROCK Council has issued a statement concerning proposals to build on land to the south of the Aveley by-pass:

It reads: “Thurrock Council objected to these proposals when they were first considered.

“In 2009 the then Thurrock Council planning committee objected to this scheme and informed the Development Corporation – which was taking the decision – what its objections were.

“Because the site was within the Green Belt the DC had to refer it to the Planning Minister to see if the government wished to ’call in’ the application and make a decision themselves.

“The government decided not to call it in and the corporation went on to grant outline planning permission. This decision severely restricts the actions the council’s planning committee can now take.

“While the council understands local people’s wish to prevent what they see as over-development of their area, the corporation’s approval in 2009 and the government’s decision not to call it in means the council’s hands are tied.

“It makes it legally very difficult if not impossible to overturn and if the council tried to stop the development at this stage the chances are that it would be taken to court and would lose.

“Stringent conditions are already in force to ensure that any contaminated land is cleaned and cleared properly and safely – conditions the council can and will enforce.”

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