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Logistics firm praised for green credentials

KBC Logistics is expanding its use of GreenRoad driver performance management systems to cover its entire fleet following the success of a trial on 20 HGVs last summer reports

The Purfleet-based haulage company says that project has cut fuel consumption by 15% on top of savings of between £600 and £1,000 per month, achieved by minimising vehicle idling.

According to Dave Ashford, transport and compliance manager and director at KBC Logistics, within the first six weeks of deployment decision, its drivers’ risk dropped by 66%.

KBC’s insurer Towergate Underwriting supported the initial trial, and latterly, the insurance risk has fallen further, reflecting a reduction in accidents as well as vehicle wear and tear.

“With today’s tight budgets we would never have considered investing in a risk management system,” comments Ashford. “But Towergate insisted we use GreenRoad and paid for its use in 20 lorries.”

Ashford estimates that one month’s fuel savings alone will cover the annual cost of its GreenRoad subscription.

“Having seen the potential to save £50,000 to £100,000 a year, the firm is now happy to invest in GreenRoad across the fleet,” he says.

Ashford explains that the GreenRoad idling savings have came about by revealing that drivers were typically idling for 230 hours a month. By highlighting needless idling, such as when drivers are sitting in a lay-by with the engine running, KBC Logistics has cut this figure to less than 35 hours.

But one of the keys to KBC Logistics’ success has been its focus on incentivising drivers, with cash bonuses for the best 10 drivers each week. “Our team of drivers is pretty competitive .. so the incentive programme has been effective at changing behavior,” states Ashford.

“We are now understanding that it’s much less stressful being a green driver and yet our lorries are still arriving in good time. The GreenRoad dashboard LEDs reminds the drivers to stay green, keeping them safe and fuel-efficient,” he continues.

“I use GreenRoad to analyse where speeding occurs and its duration. I can then educate the driver in line with my responsibilities as an operator license holder.

“In one example, a driver was achieving a 72mph downhill overrun on a 50mph limit road, which is wholly unacceptable. Without GreenRoad I would be totally unaware.”


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