Monday, May 27, 2024

and so the snow arrives……….

THE SNOW arrived in Thurrock on Sunday morning, as the weather forecasters said it would.

From Fobbing to Aveley, a dusting of snow has covered the borough.

Residents have been enjoying the snow from sledging up on One Tree Hill to snowball fights in Belhus park.

Whilst twitchers at the RSPB site have been rewarded with some great sites.

However, community workers have reported difficulties getting to some clients as the side streets are icing up and are too dangerous to traverse down.

Some hardy runners, who are preparing for the London Marathon have been out and about.

Meena Meetra from Grays went out this morning.

Meena said: “It was just a short jog before it started to fall hard but you have to put the miles in now for London in April.”

There will be concerns as to the state of the roads tomorrow for rush hour and then whether the schools can open.


  1. Michael,promise me you won’t follow the BBC who quite frankly have lost the plot,They are obsessed with the snow, sat down to watch Question of Sport on Friday and we have a “Snow Special” !! It’s winter it’s cold it snows it’s called winter weather!!

    Rant over.

  2. We promise to not become obsessed by the weather. I know what you mean. We write one article. we will report on any closures and have enjoyed getting people’s tweeted photos but there is a line……

  3. Being a child at heart, and having been gifted a professional weather station for Christmas, I love anything about unusual weather conditions.
    Keep at it Michael!

  4. I was Delighted when they “Axed Question of Sleep oh sport” Cant believe what a load of crap that is ! I watched the weather then ICE Road truckers 🙂

  5. Michael, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

    jmw, a confession I thought about purchasing a weather station!!

    saveourstanford,Q.O.S not a great programme,but it’s infinitely better than watching a repeat of the news featuring snow!!!!


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