Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sue defends controversial advert

IT HAS become something of an annual event, when we pop in to see David Van Day and Sue Moxley and catch up with what they have been doing.

They certainly have been busy.

But beauty consultant Sue has found herself at the centre of a storm for the advert for a product she endorses.

The advert, directed by Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star, Nick Moran, was for Natox, a natural Botox alternative.

The advert sees leather-clad Sue, taking a rifle to elements of old age such as false teeth and throwing a mobility scooter from a great height.

But a number of posters on youtube have taken exception.

One posted on YouTube: “It’s no laughing matter, FACT! How is this fun or a laugh in your small mind! If you have to push your terminally ill mother round in a wheel chair you may understand! Ads like this should be banned. FACT!”

A second user posted: “There are so many people that need mobility help and these ppl put out video where vital equipment is wrecked for the sake of advertising.”

We spoke to Sue about the advert as well as the many other projects, Dollar star David and Sue are involved with.


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