Tuesday, September 26, 2023

MP to hold advice surgery in McDonald’s

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price will be holding an advice surgery for local residents on Saturday 26th January at McDonald’s Restaurant in Lakeside Retail Park West Thurrock, between the hours of 10:30am and 12:00pm.

If you live in the Thurrock constituency and feel Jackie or her team may be able to help give any advice and assistance, then please feel free to come along on the day.

Jackie said “This will be an informal event and there is no need for people to make an appointment beforehand. If you are from Thurrock and have a problem that I might be able to help with, then just pop along on the 26th January and I will be happy to discuss. I would also like to thank McDonald’s for letting us use their facilities”.

Residents can contact Jackie’s constituency office on 01375 802029 if they require any further information or email – Jackie.doyleprice.mp@parliament.uk


  1. I hope people at McDonalds dont get the 2 clowns mixed up !

    Could the MP have picked a more unrealistic place to hold a surgery if she had tried. Mind you its nice and close to her house so she can have a bit of a lie in then her and Mark can nip down early for a McMuffin before surgery.

    From what i see our MP does not want to hear the problems of her constituents. She as her office out of her area in an industrial estate to discourage visitors. Any surgeries she holds are in shops on a Saturday morning when most people have things to do if they work all week.

    How about a surgery in a school or village hall in the middle of an estate early evening where people have the time to get there. Perhaps that might result in her having to do some work so its not likely to happen.

    Hope she as the foresight to pick up an application form whilst she is there because she will need a new job after the next General Election.

  2. The new year diet’s not going too well is it. Curry houses and McDonalds. Perhaps she could fit a pub in in the afternoon and make a proper day of it.

  3. Red Rebel, your argument is a bit pants. You can’t say that she doesn’t want to hear problems from constituents but you also say that she holds surgeries in shops on Saturday mornings. That’s fairly accesible I would say. The McD’s thing is worthy of a chuckle or two but, again, it’s not inaccessible and is usually pretty darned busy (I’m partial to the odd chicken burger myself!). As for her office, yes it’s out of the way but not in Tumbuktu! A quick look on her website gives details of how to contact her or book an appointment to see her. Maybe you could pop in and see her on Saturday and let her know your ideas on better places/times for her surgeries in future?

  4. Instead of Jackie Doyle price holding a surgery at McDonald’s surely shed of been better holding it at Burger King after all It is the home of the whopper

  5. If she cured cancer half of you would find something to complain about.

    *She shares her office with another MP, saving taxpayers money.
    *It’s an office, where work is done, with computers and stuff. It’s not meant to be ideal for people to visit. That’s why shes available in other locations.
    *If you’re issue is so unimportant to you that you can’t spare 20 minutes on a Saturday morning to see your MP, you probably don’t need to see your MP
    *It may surprise some, but Parliament often sits later into the evening during the week.
    *It may surprise some, but lots of people have things to do in the evening if they work all week. Some people don’t get home from London in the early evening.
    *Any constituent can make an appointment to see their MP at a convenient time.

  6. Hmmm. Amusing comments (Healthy Eating and Whoppers!) but seroius – Surgery at Lakeside for MP and Councillors would be a good move but to be blunt not at Mc Donalds or Commercial premesis – possible connections. I do vote for the other team but using a public venue like this may result in a physical attack hope not but please support team be aware. Interested to see how this goes. An with the Coalition you get two for one anyway!

  7. With the NHS report published last year showing that 33% of Tilbury residents are clinically obese, Jackie Doyle-Price should be congratulated on holding a surgery at a location where most Tilbury residents could be found.


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