Saturday, April 1, 2023

Are you Intu Lakeside?

ARE you into the re-branding of Lakeside? Because after 22 years, the shopping centre is tweaking its name to intu Lakeside.

The name change is part of the owner’s (Capital Shopping Centre’s £25 million rebranding of 12 of its 15 centres.

But there has been a mixed response from residents and shoppers.

Infact Chafford resident, Natasha Silverman has gone as far to set up a facebook page in protest.

Natasha said: “We love you, Lakeside. We have been loyal shoppers since the beginning and have spent much time (and more money than we care to think about) in the Temple of Lakeside. Please don’t ruin it now.”

But other shoppers did not seem to mind.

Jill Aylott from Harlow said: “I can’t say I am bothered. As long as there are spaces in the car park and the shops have what I want, I don’t care what they call it.”


  1. I am not really fussed what the place is called but, honestly, intu? Sounds dumb to me. Still, it will probably appeal to the textspeak generation.

  2. Why??? what is the meaning of INTU?? why not go the whole hog and call it intu lksde or Lakey as it is locally known….

    Seems to be a rebranding just for the sake of it, wonder which advertising exec won the contract for that……


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