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Bulphan pupil wins South Essex College essay competition

A YEAR 5 student from Bulphan primary has won an essay-writing competition set by South Essex College.

The students were set a title of ‘Ten years from now.”

Here is the winning entry from Josie Adams.

Josie was presented with her prize on Friday.

My Life in Ten Years

Hello my name is Josie Adams I am 19 years old and I live in Bulphan, Essex where I have lived all of my life. I live in my Mum and Dad’s house with my brother, sister and my fat, old, lazy, grey cat called Flo. My older sister Bethany is a graphic designer in London and my brother is finishing his degree in engineering at the Imperial College of London. I have just started my fresher year at Anglia University in Chelmsford studying mathematics. In my spare time I work in a pet salon in Grays which I drive to in my Union Jack mini, which I love and is called Cherry! Cherry is a dark red colour with a Union Jack design on top!

I still see many of my friends from school, in fact every other Saturday I go out partying with Ruby, Lucy, Ceri, Simran and Grace. I don’t know what I want to be yet but my friends definitely do; Ruby and Grace are planning to be fashion designers and are going to open there own shop full of their creative designs; Lucy is hard in training as she is trying to get a gold medal in the 2024 Olympics; Simran is one of the friends I don’t see much as she is often in a hot country working with her class doing archaeological digs for her studies; and Ceri is busy at the Royal Veterinary College.

My hobbies – when I get timel- outside of university and working are horse riding, dancing and netball. I have been playing netball for 14 years and am now a netball coach and run my own youth team. I love horses so much that me and my friend Ceri own our own horse named Eddie. You might have already guessed by now that I love the latest things and have my very own iPhone 15, the latest iPhone just out and it seems weird as I can still remember the very first ever iPhone all those years ago!

I have heard that my oId primary school teacher doesn’t teach in Bulphan anymore as he is now the Headmaster at Horndon-on-the-Hill School. I still can remember a lot from my primary school days, when I was in year 5 I was a school council member and in the same year I moved from class 2 to class 3. I still see my primary school a lot as I see it on the way to work and seeing my friends, now it looks so small but then seemed like my whole world. I can also remember that in year 4 I went to see the 2012 London Olympic torch flame be lit and someone run through Thurrock, I watched the Olympics almost every day and managed to see most of the medals won by Team GB.

Written by Josie Adams
Bulphan Primary School
Year 5


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