Will’s Blog: High praise for arts in Thurrock

By Will Doyle

Welcome to Will Doyle. One of our growing army of bloggers/columnists. Will will be blogging on film and media issues. This is an introductory piece

“I’m Will Doyle and I’m currently at South Essex Uni studying Media. My interest in the media came about when I realized it was a way to have a voice on certain topics and news stories of which I have strong feelings about.

There have been many stories recently such as the Gary McKinnon case that have made me want to write. As I have Asperger’s. I often see things differently to other people which in some ways is great as it allows for me to have a unique input on certain topics.

I am a huge fan of film and the arts and enjoy writing about these topics; I’m very happy that Purfleet has embraced the arts with the new production park and opera house which I have been to visit. It is a very nice and will offer many opportunities for me in the future in terms of giving me some much needed experience in covering the development of the building and the many entertainment events that are planned to happen there in the future.

My uni group are currently preparing to film a TV show over there in the next few months for a TV Production module which is all very exciting and will allow me to look at how the backstage side of the events will run.

I enjoy writing about the arts and film which is why I have decided to write these blogs as I would like to share my opinion with others who may also have similar interests. In future blog entries I will write about the latest entertainment events happening in Thurrock and hopefully giving a first-hand account from them.

I also hope to write some film reviews as I go to the cinema around three times a week to catch the latest film. I would love to someday be a professional film reviewer; I also hope to write about the Thurrock Film Festival which is now on its second year due to the overwhelming success of its first which I am incredibly happy about as film is my main interest and there may be some way I can get involved in the film festival be it reporting on it for this blog or maybe filming some interviews with nominated film makers.

Next week’s blog I may focus more on the Purfleet production park and share some pictures I took during my tour of the place when I went with my Uni group, I also would like to talk about what opportunity’s there may be for me there in the future once I have finished university and what my plans are long term in trying to find a job somewhere in the media.

I hope to write these blogs weekly as they provide some great relief from my Uni work and with so much focus on Film and the Arts in Thurrock recently and not so many updates on it seems as though I may be the person to report on it all.



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