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Rebel Labour councillor Aaron Kiely to vote against budget

A REBEL Labour councillor has thrown down the gauntlet to his colleagues by declaring that he will be voting against the budget.

Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely has been criticised for his attendance at meetings but he will be the centre of attention when he votes along with the Tories.

Thurrock Council will set its budget for the coming year at its Full Council meeting on Wednesday 27 February at 7pm at the Civic Offices in Grays.

Labour-run Thurrock Council is facing a reduction of government grant by £11.9 million over the next two financial years.

The Council budget proposes a series of cuts, job losses and increased charges.

Labour Councillor Aaron Kiely will be voting against the budget. Cllr Aaron Kiely said: “I am voting against the budget because I am opposed to the vast cuts the Tory-led government is making to our local council. I believe it is important to oppose these cuts and stand up for the people of Thurrock.

“The Tory-led government is slashing our public services, privatising the NHS and driving down living standards. This is a fundamental assault on the fabric of our society.

“A significant part of the Tories’ attack is the extraordinary cut being made to local council funding – more than 25 per cent is being slashed in real terms over the four years to 2015 nationally.

“There is no truth to Tory claims that these cuts are either good or necessary. Their policy has made the economy stagnate and is responsible for the rising public debt.

“Under the Tories the wealthy and their friends in the banks are becoming more prosperous – whilst austerity has been imposed on the rest of us. The rich are getting tax cuts, but people in Thurrock are having our living standards cut, with millions of pounds taken off our public services.”

Thurrock Council comprises of 25 Labour, 21 Conservatives, 2 Independents and 1 UKIP.


  1. He is not a rebel, he is a tw*t . He is a fraudster and a liar. He is an opportunist who has no right to comment or vote on the council’s business as he has shown complete contempt for the role he has not even tried to fulfill. If the Labour party had any moral dignity they would tell him to concentrate on being a black martyr and stop stealing money from the council tax payers of Thurrock. His deep felt beliefs of a government ripping off the public clearly doesn’t extend to his own narcissist belief of his entitlement to public funds to back his racist rants. He is an embarrassment to the Labour party, if that is possible, and a liar to the voters of ockendon.

  2. So exactly what does one need to do to get kicked out of the Labour party?

    Unfortunately the last Leader of Thurrock Council to fail to take action against a renegade Councillor was when Cllr Garry Hague failed to take action against the rogue Cllr Stuart St Clair Haslam when he was chairman of the Planning Committee because he feared losing control of the Council.

    Now we have Cllr John Kent failing to take action against Aaron Keily. Someone needs to grow a pair and a backbone and stand up and take action and boot him out of the Labour party. What example is Cllr Kent showing to his fellow Labour Councillors? That he is so desperate to cling to power and cling to being Leader of the Council that he will excuse the inexcusable for fear of losing overall control?

  3. I agree with both Ed and NoVoice.

    It’s time this cllr is shown the door by the Labour Party.

    I would like to know how Aaron would sort out the mess that we are in. I see unconstructive criticism but no answers on how he would plug the gap in council finances.

  4. The comment “I believe it is important to oppose these cuts and stand up for the people of Thurrock” did make me smile, since when has Mr Kiely actually stood up for the people of Thurrock.

    The bloke is a con-man who is taking public money under false pretenses, unfortunately Mr Kent seem incapable of taking this person to task, maybe it is time for Mr Kent to stand down if he has no control over his councillors???

  5. Opposition councillors should turn up early and clap Cllr Kielly into the Council Chamber, to welcome him back! Just wondering if he has the front to get up and repeat what he has just said, whilst he has done bugger all for the past 6 months? Expect we will be given a live update on twitter. The man is a JOKE!

  6. Ed, I like your comments but I have to disagree with you about Haslam I believe he was a scape goat for both political groups. That’s why Garry Hague and Bob Coomer paid for the Collisions report which didn’t go anywhere because let’s have it right there was 9 people on that committee not just one but Gary wanted to throw he’s toys out of the pram at the tax payers expense

    You are right about Aaron Keily but what does that matter in Thurrock everybody treats it as a point scoring exercise to gain an extra seat
    He’s got some conkers all the same

    Club Class Asbestos Farrant as he is known from he’s Westminster days
    Would do anything for a cover up lets have it right he got all the credentials for Thurrock just look at him would you be happy if somebody in the house brought that home

    Another thing Ed do you remember the independent councillor Nieve ?I think that was his name run at Tilbury as a paper candidate a very reliable source told me the Tories wrote his electoral literature and he only turned up to full council a couple of times

    The trouble in Thurrock is the Tories they have very short memories, no loyalty ,to the group look at Ian Harrison and his wife, it’s either the senior Tory way or the highway you don’t have to live in Bulphan to know that
    I think you know who I am talking about nasty piece work that he is

    I am sure with your inside knowledge you know the full facts you seem to be fair and honest and I think anybody would say that of you so please ed have I got that right


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