Tories aim to defeat Labour’s council tax proposals

FOLLOWING the publication of Labour’s proposed budget for 2013-14, Thurrock Conservatives have expressed their opposition to the proposed 1.99% council tax rise.

Leader of the Conservatives Cllr Phil Anderson said “Conservative councillors are naturally concerned at proposed tax increases that will hit hard working families in Thurrock. With most people experiencing a wages freeze, they do not have spare money to pay extra taxes.

“Having looked at the plans in detail, Labour’s budget plans to raise an extra £1 million in tax but not spend it – the budget shows a surplus of £1.8 million for 2013-14.

At the same time, Labour are refusing a Government grant of over £500,000 which is on offer if the council freezes council tax for another year.

“Thurrock Conservatives cannot support taking money out of residents’ pockets for it to sit in the council’s bank account instead. We will be hoping to defeat this tax rise at the budget setting meeting on Wednesday.”

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