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Former Mayor’s allegations rejected

THE senior legal officer of Thurrock Council has taken the unusual step of issuing a public statement in the wake of a string of allegations against a Borough councillor by a former Mayor.

Colin Churchman, a former Conservative mayor, issued a public statement, distributed to local councillors, MPs and the media calling on Thurrock Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson to mount an investigation into a councillor.

Mr Churchman believes a councillor has acted inappropriately in planning matters.

However, within hours of the Mr Churchman’s statement being issued, Head of Legal & Democratic Services and the authority’s Monitoring Officer, Fiona Taylor, issued her own statement which read: “A mass circulated email making certain allegations against a Member of Thurrock Council. I can confirm this complaint was fully investigated and not upheld both on original assessment and review – including the full involvement of the statutory Independent Person under the Localism Act 2011 who also recommended it should not be upheld.”


  1. Mike
    I would reply to Thurrock’s legal department with this statement
    Firstly as you are aware of contents within the email I sent in to thurrock council which was not an allegation ,and again as you know mike it contained undeniable proof and evidence, as to why you did not print it only you know the answer to ,but never the less it was undeniable i note Fiona Taylor’s response was my complaint was not upheld but clearly missing from that statement the reason why, I would also point out mike that at no time has Phil Anderson to whom the email was sent to has not had the decency to respond to me personally also both him and Thurrock’s legal department have never denied the evidence which was presented to them.

    So therefore mike if CIIr Anderson does not respond to my communication with him and carries on hiding behind Thurrock’s legal department I shall be taking a standards complaint against him in this matter if he has not responded within five working days

    It is Also my intention mike to get in touch with thurrock democratic services first thing Monday morning as I will be putting a question in to full council.

    If Thurrock councils legal department decide to try and stop this question I think that will show exactly what is going on here in terms of a cover up, if that is the case my next step will be to go to Grays police station to take advice as to ways of progressing this fascicle situation that I now find myself involved in..

    Lastly I would make this comment to councillor Anderson.
    A few days ago he was very quick in trying to destroy the reputation of Clair Baldwin and now wants to instigate an enquiry into it.
    My suggestion to him is to clean his own house first and treat the information that I had given him with the same amount of seriousness and perhaps institute an enquiry into his own member.

    I await response from CIIr Anderson

    Colin Churuchman

  2. I personally know Colin Churchman ( former Mayor of Thurrock) & have been privy to all the evidence that Colin has obtained.
    Colin may well come across as a little Unrefined but all he is ever interested in is the Bourough of Thurrock & what is best for residents.
    For this reason any one that knows him would vouch that he would not try to discredit Any one, he only works with facts. Perhaps it is for this reason the Tories deselected him a couple of years ago.
    I would also. Like to agree with Shelly it’s quite a shame that Cllr Anderson starts a witch hunt on labour members yet will never stand up & sort out his own abysmal group

  3. Superman
    I think they are trying to discredit Colin, ?
    Perhaps the editor should allow us to see the whole story, I have been informed that there are at least 100 different addresses that have received this email, so why not put it on here. It has to be the worse kept secret ever

  4. An allegation (also called adduction) is a claim of a fact by a party in a pleading, which the party claims to be able to prove. Allegations remain assertions without proof, until they can be proved

    I have read the email Collin churchman circulated and I don’t know how Fiona Taylor has described it as above, because quiet simply Mr Churchman has got proof positive information. if I was Mr churchman I wouldn’t waste my time on Mr Anderson because I think everybody can see quiet clearly he will not be able to answer Collins proof. I suggest he goes straight to the police that’s the only way to stop the whole sale corruption at Thurrock council and by the way that is not an allegation.

  5. Please take this to the police. Let them decide. Get your personal witch hunt out of the way. Nobody else cares if someone nicked a picture. Planning in Thurrock is a shambles. Sort that out and take your personal issues to the police if you think you’ll get a result.

  6. Is this the allegation that a certain Councillor was allegedly photographed with a certain planning applicants arms wrapped around them while enjoying drinks in their home a week before a planning meeting?

    I have to use the word ‘alleged’ because unless the person who took the photographs signs an affidavit of when they took these photographs what do they prove? They don’t prove when the photos were taken because they emerged anonymously into the public domain nearly three years after the planning application was passed.

    Unless the validity of the photos is established there is no real case if all the other parties involved deny any wrongdoing.

    And if the photos are valid what are the pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest and does this demonstrate personal and/or prejudicial interests?

    Trying to take action via the Legal Department at Thurrock Council has failed so take the advice of NoVoice and take these allegations to the Police if you believe criminal activity has occurred.

    On a separate issue – should Councillors declare gifts and hospitality from developers? Such as free holidays?

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