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Pressure groups slam Thurrock MP over EU referendum vote

THE all-party People’s Pledge campaign has condemned local MP Jackie Doyle Price for failing to vote for an EU referendum in Parliament on Tuesday May 14th.

The People’s Pledge ran a ballot in the Thurrock constituency last year that showed that 89% of local voters favoured the holding of an EU referendum. The constituency was chosen by the People’s Pledge because Ms Doyle Price had voted in the House of Commons in October 2011 against holding a referendum.

The Thurrock MP then abstained on May 14 against an amendment to the Queen’s speech, proposed by Basildon and Billericay MP, John Baron, condemning the government for having failed to introduce legislation stipulating that the British people must be given the chance to vote on whether we stay in or leave the EU. 131 MPs of all parties, including 115 Tories, supported John Baron’s amendment.

David Cameron, back in January, promised rhetorically that he would hold a referendum should the Conservatives win the next general election. Mr Baron’s amendment was intended to commit whatever political party wins the next general election to consult the electorate on this issue.

People’s Pledge campaign director Stuart Coster comments: “Yet again, Jackie Doyle Price has failed to vote to give the people of Thurrock and the rest of the UK the chance to have their say on the EU. It is incredible that she has done this given that the People’s Pledge Thurrock ballot demonstrated overwhelming support for a referendum. I suspect many local voters will take Ms Doyle Price’s voting record on this issue into consideration when deciding who to support at the next general election.”

Jackie Doyle Price only won at the last election in this constituency by 92 votes.

The EU issue will surface again in July when a Private Members Bill will be presented committing the next government to hold an in-out referendum. On this occasion, the current government will be whipping its MPs to support his measure while the Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships, at this stage, are saying they will instruct their MPs to vote against the measure.


  1. Jackie always goes with the party whip.
    She’ll need a new constituency after the next election.

  2. Actually, the BBC reported it was a free vote. Has YT contacted Jackie to ask her why she chose to abstain?

  3. I am outraged that JDP has not given Thurrock its democratic right. We voted overwhelmingly for this 89%.
    She was elected to represent Thurrock not the convservative party.

    Looks like we will have to Vote UKIP as the major parties cannot be trusted to give the people its vote. I will donate money to UKIP in protest at JDP. I will also help finance UKIP to stand against her in the future.

  4. It was a free vote so she could have voted anyway she wanted. She decided to sit on her hands while writing articles slagging off her fellow Conservative MPs. Is she for or against a referendum – who knows!

    As for UKIP preventing Jackie Doyle-Price being elected – I would think again.

    UKIP appear to be taking votes off Labour and won a stunning by-election in a Labour safe seat on Thursday. Doing some number crunching and looking at the percentage losses at the recent elections Jackie Doyle-Price could sneak through the middle and win at the next General Election because Labour will lose more votes to UKIP than the Conservatives.

    If UKIP get big enough percentage swings – and if UKIP pick up the ‘protest’ voting element of the LibDems as well then Thurrock could turn into a very interesting three horse race between Labour Ukip and the Conservatives.

  5. Ed I think you underestimate the feeling among former Lib Dem, Tory and Labour voters.

    We cannot trust the major parties they have all sold out their own voters when it suited them.

    One of these three will become bigger UKIP, Green or BNP.

    My guess is UKIP due to the Tories not wanting to hold a vote till they have renegotiated the EU with the French and Germans. Yes I can really see Germany and France wanting to rip up the EU documents and rewrite them under what Cameron wants. The guys been eating to many fairy cakes.

    As for
    Jackie Doyle Price YOU’RE FIRED.

  6. It doesn’t appear that JDP has much of an opinion on anything which is a growing problem with politicians. Lack of opinion and leadership leaves people floundering and flapping around. Make a choice, go with it and if you’re wrong at least you had the courage to try.

    The last government screwed up royally and they won’t admit it, well some won’t. That’s probably why they will lose the next general election. failure to admit their failures means they are now tearing each other apart as are the Tories.

    Who wants a bunch of know nothings and do nothings in charge of the country. They have all failed. JDP is condemning herself to the gallows in terms of holding her seat in Thurrock. If she keeps banging on about defeating UKIP Labour will win the seat.

    Make your choice JDP, represent the people’s views or p1ss off. We don’t want another Labour MP in Thurrock but that is what you are almost guaranteeing at the next election. The Labour party could elect a frog as their candidate, they’ll still win. They’ve done even worse than that, they’ve got a PR Polly. Polly want a cracker.

  7. The BNP vote in Thurrock and nationwide has collapsed. About 80/90% of people who voted BNP voted for them, not because they believed in their policies, but because they wanted to protest against the other three parties. Next year UKIP could get 50%+ of the vote in Thurrock if the local elections are held on the same day as the Euro Elections.

    Come the General Election I really do think it will be a close three horse race between Labour, Conservative and UKIP – with UKIP picking up enough protest votes from the other three parties that the Conservative core vote could let the Conservatives sneak through the middle.

    However, if UKIP can pick up enough votes from people who haven’t voted in years then it could be a very close race indeed.

    UKIP could well influence who wins in Thurrock – not by how many extra votes the parties receive – but how much of their core vote they can retain.

  8. Shame on you Jackie Doyle Price you betrayed the Thurrock voters.
    This is a debt you can never repay to Thurrock Voters.

    Atleast Stephen Metcalfe had the comon decency to Vote for the Thurrock People.

    I hope UKIP stand against her but no need to stand against Stephen Metcalfe as he will give us our vote.

    Jackie are you attacking Stephen Metcalfe for voting for it? please explain.

  9. Catching the Bus – because the has ambitions and wants to be seen as good girl so any promotions might come her way so bugger the constituents and what they want – the party pulls her strings.

  10. It was good to see our local MP knocking on doors recently.
    I could sense she had been working hard and she said she could tell me loads of reasons why i should not vote ukip.,…..Still waiting.

  11. The only doors JDP has been knocking on is No.10 and No.11. Looking forward to hearing her tell me why I should not vote UKIP.

    I see on the news yesterday another Tory defected to UKIP.

    Any Thurrock conservatives please consider switching to UKIP the Tory party is a shambles.


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