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Proposal for housing in Chadwell St Mary

A LARGE  property company has announced plans to develop a large piece of land in Chadwell St Mary.

Paladin Capital are described on their website as:

“Founded in 2009, we have quickly established a strong presence in the UK property sector and are able to offer our clients a range of unique investment opportunities that can support regeneration and increase renewable energy in local areas.”

The proposals for the area near to Heath Place Farm in Chadwell St Mary is described as follows: “This site is directed to absorb some residential growth since it falls within the Essex Thames Growth Gateway Area, a national/regional priority area for urban regeneration. This is greenbelt land but provision is made for specific releases to accommodate new developments.

Land type/description:

Current use is arable, agricultural and the site falls within greenbelt land.

Total area:

Approximately 38 acres.


Chadwell-St-Mary is in Thurrock, Essex, close to London and with good access to both Kent and Essex via the M25 and Queen Elizabeth II Bridge.

Proposed use:

Mixed use development with residential dwellings and community uses.

Development credentials:

The site is within the Essex Thames Growth Gateway Area, a national/regional priority area for urban regeneration within the Sustainable Communities Plan. The site falls within greenbelt land and the Core Planning Strategy Framework does not formally accommodate strategic scale releases from the greenbelt but it does make provision for limited, specific releases to accommodate new developments. Planning consents on greenbelt land have recently been granted, on appeal, by Thurrock Council. Allocating this site for development will help to address local housing needs, ensure a deliverable supply of housing sites and deliver wider community benefits.

Progress report:

The developer is currently focusing on devising a planning strategy, which incorporates the wishes of the community in order to gain local support from the outset. The project team is being assembled with a view to submitting a planning application in September 2013.


CJC (Employment) Ltd.

Local council:

Thurrock Council.


  1. It will be interesting to see how many Councillors campaign with residents against this development and how many of those Councillors voted that it would be Thurrock Council policy to release this green belt land for housing development when they voted for the Local Development Framework.


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