Saturday, September 30, 2023

Restaurant review: The Pan-Asian Oriental in Chafford Hundred


THEY HAD me at the peanut satay sauce.

This reviewer visited the Pan-Asian Oriental restaurant in Fleming Road, Chafford Hundred for a lunchtime meal.

The surroundings, in cool whites and creams create a lovely feeling of space and comfort.

The comfort is underlined by comfortable and spacious seating and tables.

With work to do, the reviewer decided to pick a lunchtime banquet. The best of all worlds really.

If we had decided to have a whole meal, then there is a fantastic array of dishes on offer. The two standout features is that they are all classic chinese dishes but using the best quality produce.

Other customers have recommended the dover sole fillet and the crispy aromatic duck amongst many

Which leads us on to the satay sauce on the chicken skewers. Our wonderful hosts, Wing-kei and Sofun told us that a visitor from Yorkshire loved the sauce so much that they wanted to buy as many jars as possible. it is here that we enter the territory of trade secrets!

The banquet also consisted of scallops, prawn on sesame, chicken wings as well as crispy seaweed. Each taster was so succulent and so fresh. Indeed, fresh is a key part of the Oriental philosophy. The seafood food is locally bought, every two days.

There is also an excellent wine list at the restaurant. We would recommend their cabernet sauvignon or pinto grigo. Either way, just ask. The staff are very knowledgable and very helpful.

They are also open to suggestions about dishes.

This is a restaurant, that we hope, will grow and grow.

It is also an ideal restaurant for business lunches or indeed groups that want to discuss business in the evening.

RM16 6HH

01375 481 268



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