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Ockendon hub hailed a “huge success”.

THE first of Thurrock Council’s “hubs” has been so successful it attracted over 36,000 people in its first 15 weeks.

The council’s community portfolio holder, Cllr Lynn Worrall, told Wednesday (24 July) evening’s meeting of the council: “Over 20 partner organisations are using the centre on a regular basis to provide services from health checks to foot care and information and advice supporting a wide range of needs in the area.”

She said: “In addition a number of council services are also benefiting from their involvement in the centre – housing, for example, run regular surgeries and meetings with estate officers and the library continues to offer regular favourites such as Baby Rhyme Time.”

Cllr Worrall added that “no less than 36,226 people visited the South Ockendon Centre between 25 March and 8 July this year.”

She said several voluntary sector organisations use the centre including Batias, Women’s Aid, the Credit Union and Cariads – who have found it particularly helpful in meeting carers previously unknown to the organisation.

Cllr Worrall, who was answering a question about the centre, said: “Feedback from residents is overwhelmingly supportive of the hubs and the case studies I have heard really demonstrate the value of the centre.

“The South Ockendon Centre is truly transforming how residents access and experience council services and we are at the early stages of understanding how that impacts on savings in other services – but we do know it reduces contact with paid staff and helps issues be resolved more quickly and more effectively than traditional routes.”

The South Ockendon Centre was opened as a pathfinder towards creating a wider hubs programme and the council’s cabinet has already approved plans to roll out more, having had expressions of interest from ten communities.

Initial working groups will meet over the summer to start exploring business cases in more detail.

Cllr Worrall concluded: “The hubs are fantastic at supporting new ways of working.

“These alongside local area co-ordinators supporting vulnerable adults and our commitment to asset-based community development will ensure we put communities at the heart of all we do.”


  1. You have got to be joking, Ockendon hub hailed a “huge success”.to attract 36.000 people must mean the majority are having to attend more than once, I have had to attend three times and still got no satisfaction, might be to do with more volunteers than council workers. I think Lynn Worrall does not live in the real world.

  2. Its a wonderful library now, ha ha. Where else can you listen to the daily occurence of people shouting in public about the appalling inaction and properties of Thurrock Council Housing.
    Forget it if you’re working, unlike the lost libary it shuts at 5pm every day.
    Do wear a lanyard carrying your officious name badge, everyone else does, so they can remember who they are.


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